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DigiCon6 ASIA

2015 DigiCon6 ASIA of key visual


2015 DigiCon6 ASIA of key visual has decided to Kevin Bao's design.


Q: Please tell us about yourself.
My name is Bao Shengrui Kevin. I was born in China, in a city called Harbin,
then moved to Vancouver, Canada at the age of five. I went to schools in Canada,
but I spent summer and winter vacations with my grandparents in China.
When I was 25, I came to Japan to attend Tama Art University. I studied graphic
design and animation. I'm currently working as animation director at Eallin Japan.
I'm in charge of animations in artists' live videos as well as promotion and music videos.

Q: What is the concept behind this year's key visual?
When making an animation, I take ideas from things around me -- the daily life
and nature. This time, I decided to use the analogy of "forest." Just as the nature's abundance creates a forest, DigiCon6 ASIA is a place where new imaginations are created
and nurtured. Deep inside the forest, there is light. Behind it, the world of imagination,
and a muse -- a hallmark of my works. I also wanted to render the image of evolution.
This poster is not simply a product of my idea, but created from the evolutionary
process combining the 17-year history of DigiCon6 ASIA and my life.

Q: Looking forward, what would you like to achieve?
I want to create animations that make people and myself excited.
I want to continue to enjoy creating them.
And when I have a work that I'm really proud of, I'll take part in the DigiCon6 ASIA competition.


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