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DigiCon6 ASIA

Digicon6 ASIA contest summary


DigiCon6 ASIA Awards is an annual competition held each fall, which seeks and recognizes talented creators through-out Asia (ex : Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand) and rewards them for their outstanding works. Furthermore, DigiCon6 provides these creators with opportunities to expand their creative ground by supporting their innovative minds and activities year-round.



Any style of expression and or types of themes for the Work is accepted.
The length of the Work to be entered is recommended to be within 10 minutes (should not exceed 15 minutes).


*Anyone is eligible to enter, regardless of age, sex, or citizenship.
(*See Disclaimer for exceptions.)
Both professionals and amateurs are eligible for entry.
The applicant must own the copyright of the Work submitted.
Music used in the film must have been created by the applicant, or be otherwise cleared from copyright.
Applicants may submit more than one entry.

4.Awards and Prizes

DigiCon6 ASIA presents the following awards and prizes:

< 16th TBS DigiCon6 Awards > Competition amongst the selected Works from each region.
1) dc6 ASIA Gold (Grand Prize) :
One winner. The winner receives a ¥ 500,000 cash prize, a trophy, and a certificate of excellence.
2) dc6 ASIA Gold(Festival Prize) :
One winner. The winner will receive a ¥ 300,000 cash prize, a trophy, and a certificate of excellence.
3) dc6 ASIA Silver(Asian Perspective) :
One winner. The winner will receive a ¥ 100,000 cash prize, a trophy, and a certificate of excellence.
4) dc6 ASIA Silver(Innovative Technique):
One winners. The winner will receive a ¥ 100,000 cash prize, a trophy, and a certificate of excellence.
5) dc6 ASIA Silver(Innovative Art):
One winners. The winner will receive a ¥ 100,000 cash prize, a trophy, and a certificate of excellence.
6) dc6 ASIA Next Generation:
One winners. The winner will receive a ¥ 100,000 cash prize, a trophy, and a certificate of excellence.
7) dc6 ASIA Audience Choice:
One winners. The winner will receive a ¥ 100,000 cash prize, a certificate of excellence.

* Additional Awards may be presented.
* The award recipient is responsible for all applicable taxes, customs, tariffs, and similar charges or costs, if any.
* The content of the above mentioned prizes are subject to change without notice.


For entry into DigiCon6 ASIA Awards, the following must be submitted:
1) A completed and signed copy of the entry form
2) A screening copy of the Work on Quick Time Data (recommended) / DVD /mini DV
3) Sample still images of the Work on CD-ROM or DVD.
(The images must be in BMP, JPG, PICT, or TIFF format with a resolution bigger than 720 x 480 pixels.)
4) Storyboard (if available)
The entry form is available on the DigiCon6 Official Website
* The DVD/CD-ROM or mini DV must be labeled with the title of the Work, contact information, and running time or file format.
* If you wish to enter multiple works, you must submit each work separately.


6.Contact Information & receiver’s address

or any questions regarding DigiCon6 ASIA Awards, please contact:
DigiCon6 ASIA Headquarters
(Office Hours (Japan Standard Time): Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, Weekends and Holidays CLOSED


The applicant shall submit his/her Work during the term commencing from March 2, 2015 to August 31, 2015. All submissions postmarked after the above deadline will not be accepted.


The results of the JAPAN regional awards and 17th DigiCon6 ASIA Awards will be announced at the 17th DigiCon6 ASIA Awards Ceremony, which is to be held on November 14th, 2015.
Results can also be seen on the Official Website after the Ceremony.
In addition, the Headquarters will directly notify each Prize Winner.


This contest may be cancelled if unexpected incidents occur.
In such an event, TBS will not be held liable for the creators and any other persons concerned.
To run the contest fairly, those associated with this contest (secretariat and other staff, as well as sponsors and their family members) are not eligible to enter.
The Entry Rules are a translation of the original Entry Rules written in Japanese for the purpose of providing non-Japanese speakers with information regarding the DigiCon6 Awards. In the case of any discrepancy between the translation and the original Japanese version, the Japanese version shall rule.


John chan

John chan A Comics artist & Animator. profile

Ms. Arunosha Bhanupan

Ms. Arunosha Bhanupan (Managing Director, Broadcast Thai Television)
“the first female program director of Thailand”

Joe Teng

Joe Teng Department of Culture Affairs of Taipei, ConsultantNada Anime, Producer profile

Kiki Sugino

Kiki Sugino Actress, Director, Producer profile

Katsuyuki Motohiro

Katsuyuki Motohiro Director profile

Shuzo John Shiota

Shuzo John Shiota President & CEO, Polygon Pictures Inc. profile

Regional Awards Judges


DigiCon6 ASIA Headquarters
TEL: +81-3-3505-0661 / FAX: +81-3-3588-6378 TIME: Mon. - Fri. 10am-6pm, Weekends and Holidays CLOSED e-mail: info2020@digicon6.com

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