DigiCon6 ASIA

DigiCon6 ASIA

18th Digicon6 ASIA Winning works

DigiCon6 ASIA Gold - Grandprize

» Youkosobokudesu4~What is ”Youkosobokudesu”?~

Youkosobokudesu4~What is ”Youkosobokudesu”?~ MANABU HIMEDA

DigiCon6 ASIA Gold - Special Jury

» What Is Your Brown Number?

What Is Your Brown Number? Vinnie Ann Bose

DigiCon6 ASIA Silver - Asian Perspective

» Resettlement Memory

Resettlement Memory Nine Monkeys Workshop

DigiCon6 ASIA Silver - Best Technique

» Look at Me Only

Look at Me Only Tomoki Misato

DigiCon6 ASIA Silver - Innovative Art

» Before&After (short ver.)

Before&After (short ver.) KANG Minji

DigiCon6 ASIA Next Generation

» OCA1

OCA1 Jhan, San-Lang

DigiCon6 ASIA Audience


FRI(END) PSUIC Young Blood

DigiCon6 ASIA Marunouchi

» Brick Games

Brick Games Lam Man Yee

DigiCon6 ASIA Honorable Mention

» Chill and shivering

Chill and shivering Philip Kwok

DigiCon6 ASIA Special mention

» Eat, Pray, Bird

Eat, Pray, Bird Teo Jia Ming Jeremy, Huang Ji, Fun Wee Kiat Derrick


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