DigiCon6 ASIA

DigiCon6 ASIA

24th DigiCon6 ASIA Winning

ASIA Grand Prize

» Magnified City  (Trailer)

Magnified City (Trailer) KANEKO Isaku


» My Dear Son  (Trailer)

My Dear Son (Trailer) Wing Yan Lilian Fu

ASIA Silver -Best Storytelling-

» The Ark in the Desert   (Trailer)

The Ark in the Desert (Trailer) Kim Areum

ASIA Silver -Asian Perspective-

» Ride to Nowhere   (Trailer)

Ride to Nowhere (Trailer) Khozy Rizal

ASIA Silver -Innovative Art-

» Persona   (Trailer)

Persona (Trailer) SUJIN MOON

ASIA Next Generation

» Ryota (ときめく良太)

Ryota (ときめく良太) KIHARA Masataka

That’s Entertainment!

» Under A Shooting Contrail (飛行機雲の流れ星の下)  (Trailer)

Under A Shooting Contrail (飛行機雲の流れ星の下) (Trailer) NAKAYAMA Rika

» Everywhere   (Trailer)

Everywhere (Trailer) Ng Kai Chung & Step C


» Diva the Savior  (音楽劇「救世主うたのお姉さん」)

Diva the Savior (音楽劇「救世主うたのお姉さん」) OSHIBA Taku

Master Dan / Rising Star Award

» I am a Leader

I am a Leader Nomin Delger

» Sound Wave

Sound Wave Siliyoupha KEOSAVANG


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