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17th DigoCon6 ASIA Awards ceremony report

South Korea’s “Johnny Express” Wins Gold Grand Prize
〜The 17th DigiCon6 ASIA South Korea takes top prize for third year in a row〜


The ceremony for the 17th DigiCon6 ASIA Awards from Marunouchi, host ed by TBS, was held on November 14th at Tokyo’s Marunouchi Hall. “Johnny Express” from South Korea won the Gold Grand Prize. It was selected from a field of works entered from Japan and nine other countries and regions in Asia, all of which were selected in a competition held earlier in their country or region. The other prizes were also announced at the event.
“Johnny Express” describes with humor the story of a person in space who gets into trouble at the star where he makes a delivery. It is a CG animation work. The judges applauded it as a highly entertaining work that people can enjoy. They also gave high marks to the work’s technical expertise, which added to its attraction.
At the awards ceremony, thirty-year-old Woo Kyungmin spoke of his happiness at winning the award. He said: “My dream since I was a child was to become an animation director. I believe that this work will help my dream come true.” Kiki Sugino, who served as jury chairman, had many words of praise. She said: “It won by a unanimous vote. The work has achieved a high degree of perfection and it has a grand global vision. Humor is a difficult thing to describe, but it did so effectively, with a lot of thrills running throughout the work.
“Zdravstvuite!” DigiCon6 JAPAN’s Gold Prize winner was chosen for the Gold Special Jury prize.
This is the third year in a row that a work from South Korea won the top Gold Grand Prize. The top prize went to “Noodle Fish” in 2013 and “Grandfather” in 2014.

《DigiCon6 ASIA Awards》 is visual contest that TBS established individually in 2000 with the aim of discovering and developing creators for the digital era. The competition was expanded to include other countries in Asia in 2006. The countries and areas currently participating in the event in addition to Japan are China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The works have been receiving acclaim as the growth in the creative power in Asia has been accompanied by an increase in the number of participants and an improvement in the quality of the works.

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ASIA Gold-Grand Prize「Johnny Express」 WOO Kyungmin (KOREA)

Prize Title Name Age region
ASIA Grand PrizeJohnny ExpressWOO Kyungmin30 KOREA
ASIA Special JuryZdravstvuite!Yoko YUKI 27 JAPAN
ASIA Asian PerspectiveS - The Birth of PsychoKim Woohyun 25JAPAN
ASIA Best TechniqueI can't breathe.Sayaka Kihata 22JAPAN
ASIA Innovative ArtThe Blue SweaterDhaneesh Jameson 31 INDIA
ASIA Next GenerationGo To City ELELi Wen Yu 33 CHINA
ASIA Audience ChoiceTOKYO COSMOTakahiro Miyauchi 26 JAPAN
ASIA MarunouchiCODEYLai, Wei-Chung
Chen, Huai-Wan


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