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Sharing the joys of visual works with the children of Asia~DigiCon6 ASIA films to be provided on a free loan~


TBS, which hosts the short film contest DigiCon6 ASIA, has agreed with the non-profit organization World Theater Project (WTP, based in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, Representative S. Kyoraiseki) to provide its superior works free of charge. Thirteen countries and regions in Asia now participate in DigiCon6 ASIA, which marks its 20th event this year. WTP provides the joy of films to developing countries such as Cambodia through its mobile theaters.

TBS will provide six films this first year, which will be shown by WTP for one year in various parts of Asia, mainly Cambodia.

DigiCon6 ASIA is a competition for young Asian creators, and they gladly agreed to have their work shown to children living in the same region without payment. WTP, which continues to collect works it can screen, say that DigiCon6 ASIA’s works — many of which are animation consisting of sound and pictures — transcend borders of language are easily appreciated and they look forward to showing the works.

Through DigiCon6 ASIA, TBS not only asks for submissions, judges and recognizes the Asian creators, but plans to seek further opportunities to screen their works to a wider audience.

Works to be loaned

Dreaming White Keigo TAKENAKA,
The Adventure of Egg, Lime and Chilly COROLY Vietnam
Dado Donna Mekerira Partha India
The big house in the wood KUMA Japan
Old Umbrella Keisuke ITOH Japan
Willy’s night of surprises Ryosuke KOJIMA Japan

◯ On DigiCon6 ASIA
Started in 2000. It is a film festival hosted by Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings Inc. that began with the aim of encouraging the superior young creators in Asia. It holds DigiCon6 ASIA, a short film festival, holds screenings in Japan and overseas, organizes seminars, social gatherings works and lectures. Currently 13 countries and areas participate in DigiCon6 ASIA. These are Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

◯ On the World Theater Project
Established in 2012, its mission is described thus: “We believe in a world that children can have dreams to open the way in their own life regardless of any circumstances.” Based on this philosophy, it shows movies to children in industrializing nations. It has held screening for over 50,000 children in farming areas, schools and village squares to Cambodia and other areas where there are no movie theaters by setting up projectors and creating an impromptu theater.

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