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Message from the Festival Director


Welcome to 20th DigiCon6 ASIA
To our creators

DigiCon6 ASIA, which began in 2000, will hold its 20th event this year.
We have started to accept entries for general awards as well as the youth award for those under18. Twelve Asian countries and areas, including Japan, now participate in the competition. Vietnam joined two years ago and Cambodia became a member last year. This year we welcome Sri Lanka, an island nation often described as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. What colors? What scene? What people? What drama awaits us?
The heart leaps in anticipation at the thought. Coming in touch with a fresh work and creator is an experience akin to visiting a new country.

“Film is one of the three universal languages, the other two: mathematics and music" –
Those are the words of American film director Frank Capra, who consistently captured the conscience of America in his works. It does not matter where we were born or what language we speak, we watch films and share in the joy of being humans.
“When I start writing a new work, I take a bird’s eye view of the world
from 3,000-meters high, and I gradually descend from there.”
Those are the words of the renowned, Japanese playwright Hisashi Inoue.
Stories that are loved the world over, whether they are works of literature a play
or a movie is representative of a certain place or period in time.
This is the paradox –that the more local the situation, the more universal its appeal.
The ordinary daily life is tied to the world and to art.

Short movies share similarities with poetry and haiku. Poetry and haiku are
created bearing in mind that they will be reread a number of times.
Superior short moves are entertaining no matter how many times they are seen.
If you do not understand it fully the first time, you can simply watch it again. Your appreciation changes depending on your condition, how you are feeling and your age. The person viewing the short film becomes subjective and active. The film poses questions to your emotions and your thoughts. Superior short movies are open to all. At the same time they grow roots within each person. They open new horizons. There are infinite possibilities within a modest work. They may not have the power to transform the whole world, yet they hold the potential to change the world within an individual.

DigiCon6 ASIA asks for entries to be submitted. A competition is held and various awards chosen and prizes presented. An award is like a signpost. Like a magnet it has the ability to attract people from all different walks of life. It is precisely because we live in an era where a single smartphone can do most anything, that we need to applaud and communicate the importance of creating something from scratch. I see that as my role.
We now ask for entries. I sincerely look forward to seeing all of our creators.

DigiCon6 ASIA Festival Director
Aki Yamada

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