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DigiCon6 ASIA

DigiCon6 ASIA Awards Terms and Conditions

1. Purpose
The DigiCon6 ASIA Awards (hereinafter "the Awards") is organized by Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
(hereinafter "TBS") for the purpose of discovering excellent works by content creators in Japan and other
Asian countries and regions, and selecting and recognizing works of particular merit.

2. Operation
2-1 The Awards is operated by the DigiCon6 ASIA Awards Head Office (hereinafter “Head Office”),
     organized and set up by TBS. The Head Office shall be solely responsible for operating the contest in Japan
     and controlling the operation of all contests in all other participating Asian countries and territories.
     Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Head Office shall set up organizers in each participating countries or
     territories to directly operate the local contest of the Awards in each respective countries and territories
      (hereinafter “Organizers”).

2-2 The Organizers shall be responsible for and focus on (i) operating the Awards in each respective countries
     and territories, (ii) selecting and awarding excellent work from the works applied to the local contest
     and (iii) conducting any other additional activities to add value to the Awards. To organize and operate
     the Awards, the Organizers may stipulate and implement local regulations or rules that complies with or is
     based on this DigiCon6 ASIA Awards Terms and Conditions, on its own responsibility.

2-3 In the event the Head Office decides, in its sole discretion, reasonable for the Awards, the Head Office
     shall take any and all necessary measures to ensure appropriate operation of the Awards, and the Organizer
     and/or the applicants of the works applied to the contest of the Awards (hereinafter “Applicant(s)”) may
     not object or protest thereof upon the Head Office’s decision.

2-4 Contact information of the Head Office is as follows,

DigiCon6 ASIA Awards Head Office
TBS Television, Inc.
5-3-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8006
TEL: +81-3-3505-0661
EMAIL: info2022@digicon6.com

2-5 Please contact your regional organizer for details about submitting works in
     countries other than Japan.

Contact information of the Organizers are as follows,

Studio PADMA
Attn: Digicon6 Bangladesh Organizer
EMAIL: info-bangladesh@tbs-digicon.asia

Attn: Digicon6 China Organizer
EMAIL: info-china@tbs-digicon.asia

Attn: Digicon6 Hong Kong Organizer
EMAIL: info-hongkong@tbs-digicon.asia

Animation Xpress
Attn: Digicon6 India Organizer
EMAIL: info-india@tbs-digicon.asia

The Japan Foundation, Jakarta
Attn: Digicon6 Indonesia Organizer
EMAIL: info-indonesia@tbs-digicon.asia

Attn: Digicon6 Iran Organizer
EMAIL: info-iran@tbs-digicon.asia

Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA)
Attn: Digicon6-Korea Organizer
EMAIL: info-korea@tbs-digicon.asia

The Japan Foundation Asia Center, Vientiane
Attn: Digicon6 Laos Organizer
EMAIL: info-laos@tbs-digicon.asia

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) Sdn Bhd
Attn: Digicon6 Malaysia Organizer
EMAIL: info-malaysia@tbs-digicon.asia

Mongolian Film Institute
Attn: Digicon6 Mongolia Organizer
EMAIL: info-mongolia@tbs-digicon.asia

*SCAPE Co., Ltd.
Supporting Partners Karavan Pictures PTE. Ltd
Attn: Digicon6 Singapore Organizer
EMAIL: info-singapore@tbs-digicon.asia

Sputnik International / Emotion Art
Attn: Digicon6 SRI LANKA Organizer
EMAIL: info-srilanka@tbs-digicon.asia

Attn: Digicon6 Taiwan Organizer
EMAIL: info-taiwan@tbs-digicon.asia

Silpakorn University International College
Attn: Digicon6 Thailand Organizer
EMAIL: info-thailand@tbs-digicon.asia

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the above Organizers are subject to change without notice, in the event there are any changes to the participating Asia countries or territories.

3. Application of Works
3-1 Works to be applied to the Awards shall be any genre, kind, style or theme of video contents, including
     but not limited to CG animation (2D/3D), stop motion/clay animation and live action film, but must not
     exceed 15 minutes of length (hereinafter “Applied Work(s)”).

3-2 Any Applicant that is “from Asia or lives in Asia” or any Applied Work that is “created or produced
     in Asia” shall be eligible for application and there shall be no age limit for the Applicants.

3-3 In case of applying in Japan, the application term, method and other details shall be provided in the
     "Entry Standards" included in the entry form of the Awards (hereinafter “Entry Form”). In cases of
     application in the other Asian countries and territories, said information shall be as provided by each
     respective Organizer.

3-4 Applicants shall be responsible for submitting their works to the Awards and the Head Office and/or the
     Organizers shall not be held liable for the loss or damage to the Applied Works. The Applied Works will
     not be returned to Applicants in any event.

3-5 Applicants must own any and all rights to the Applied Works, including but not limited to copyrights,
     or Applicants must be responsible for licensing and clearing all rights, including but not limited to
     copyrights, if said rights are owned by other third parties, at its own costs. The copyright of the
     Applied Works shall remain to Applicants or any third party which it obtains any license to apply for the Awards.

3-6 It shall be deemed that Applicants have acknowledged and accepted the terms and conditions hereof, upon
     the submission of the Applied Works and Entry Form to the Head Office and/or Organizers.

4. Judging Procedures
4-1 The Head Office and the Organizers shall set up judging committees in Japan and in each other participating
     Asian country or territory which shall fairly judge and select superior works (hereinafter “Selected Works”),
     based on the quality, idea and originality of the works, from the Applied Works.

4-2 The Selected Works from Japan and other Asian countries and territories shall be nominated to the final
     contest of the Awards which shall be held in Japan. The international judging committee of the final contest
     of the Awards, organized by the Head Office in Tokyo, consisting of members and panel of industry experts,
     shall select on a fair and equitable basis, the best works from the Selected Works to win and receive the
     awards and prizes of the contest as provided in the following Article 5 (hereinafter “Award-winning Works”).
     In no event shall the Head Office and the Organizers disclose the judging standards, criteria and/or process
     of the Applied Works, the Selected Works, and the Award-winning Works.

4-3 TBS and the Head Office reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any Applicant and/or
     Applied Works from the contest of the Awards, without any notification to Applicant, in the event TBS and/or
     the Head Office cannot be in contact with the Applicant or the Applied Works may or have the risk to contain
     any material that,

a) is offensive to public order and morals,
b) is obscene, libellous, slanderous, defamatory, which infringes any right of any person, which is likely
   to bring TBS into disrepute,
c) violates the image, privacy and/or impair the credibility of any person,
d) relates to political and/or religious activity,
e) violates any law or is connected to any illegal activity,
f) is inconsistent with the broadcasting standards of TBS and/or the broadcasting standards of the Japan
   Commercial Broadcasters Association,
g) has any data that is damaged or un-accessible,
h) does not apply to the intension or purpose of the Awards,
i) includes any error, mistake or omission in the applicable Entry Form, or
j) includes any other inappropriate contents or images.

5. Awards and prizes
5-1 Awards and prizes in Japan
Applicants shall apply to either a or b below.
a) [JAPAN Awards]: Works from qualified applicants in Japan.
b) [JAPAN Youth]: Works from qualified Japan Youth applicants.

5-2 Awards in Asian countries and regions other than Japan
     The Organizer will, at its sole responsibility, solicit and select works to receive awards and prizes in
     participating countries and regions.

5-3 [ASIA Awards]
     [ASIA Awards]: Candidates selected from among works receiving "JAPAN Awards" and works receiving awards
     and prizes in other countries and regions as determined by the national and regional Organizers set forth
     in 5-2.

5-4 TBS will determine the content of awards in the aforementioned categories, and the prize money and
     objects for each award. Awards and prizes are subject to change without notice.
     TBS may, at its sole discretion, select a single work for multiple awards, or elect not to award any work.

6. Utilization of Works
6-1 Applicants acknowledge and agree that the Applied Works, in whole or in part, may be reproduced and be
     world-widely utilized by TBS, the Head Office, the Organizers and/or any other designated third party
     of TBS, by means of all media, including but not limited to broadcasting, online transmission, exhibition
     and distribution via DVDs and other forms of videograms. Applicants shall grant a free license to above
     parties for the use of the Applied Works as above for the purpose of promotion and advertising of the
     Awards only.

6-2 TBS and Applicants shall separately discuss and agree upon the terms and conditions for any other use
     of the Applied Works than those stipulated in above paragraph.

6-3 Winners of the Award-winning Works may not sell, assign or transfer the rights to the awards or prized
     to third parties.

6-4 Applicants acknowledge and agree that in the event TBS, the Head Office and/or the Organizers find that
     any part of an Applied Works does not meet the broadcasting standards of TBS and/or the broadcasting
     standards of the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association, said parties may, in its each sole discretion,
     edit, cut, and/or alter said part of the Applied Works, upon use thereof as stipulated in Article 6-1 above.

7. Privacy Policy
7-1 Any and all personal information submitted from Applicants in connection with the Entry Form or other
     documents pertaining to the Awards shall be used by TBS and/or the Head Office for the following purposes,

a) to contact Applicants (of the ceremony and other information related to the Awards),
b) to include in the documents required during the selection process of the Awards to be provided to the
    judging committee,
c) to include in the documents to be produced upon the selection of the Selected Works and Award-winning Works,
d) to include in the DVD of the Awards and other medium that contain the Applied Works to be distributed to
    introduce said works, and
e) to include in reference materials to be used in future activities of the Awards.

7-2 In no event shall TBS and/or the Head Office disclose to third parties any personal information submitted
     by Applicants, but excluding the following,
a) if an Applicant approves to do so in advance,
b) if requested to be disclosed by law, court order, or requested by any government or regulatory authority, and
c) if required to disclose to any subcontracting party.

7-3 All requests by Applicants regarding any notification, disclosure, amendment, utilization of the utilization
     purposes of personal information and discontinuance of provision of personal information to third parties
     shall be made to the address of the Head Office provided in Article 2-4 above.

8. Notes
8-1 The applicant shall, at the applicant's own responsibility and expense,
     resolve any disputes, etc. with third parties arising with respect to the
     entry, and shall hold TBS, the Head Office, the Organizers and other
     applicants free and clear of all liability and damages.

8-2 TBS may claim compensation for damages from the applicant in the event
     that TBS incurs damages as a result of violation by the applicant of any
     term or provision of these rules or any other act of fraud or malfeasance,
     and the applicant shall satisfy said claim without objection.

8-3 TBS may, at its sole discretion, amend the content of these Rules as it sees fit and without prior
     announcement. Applicants shall comply with the amended Rules.

8-4 Any amendments to these Rules pursuant to the preceding paragraph will enter into effect upon
     publication on the official website of the Awards or by other means as deemed appropriate by TBS.

9. Prohibitions
9-1 Applicants shall not engage in any of the following actions.

a) Actions that impede or potentially impede the operation of the Awards
b) Actions that use the Awards for business purposes or for profit, or actions that prepare to do so
c) Electioneering and similar actions, or other actions that are political or religious in nature
d) Actions that are, or potentially are, criminal in nature or related to crimes
e) Actions contrary to public order and morals
f) Actions that damage the honor and/or credibility of TBS, jury members, or third parties
g) Falsification of applications or other submitted documents
h) Actions that infringe or potentially infringe the property and/or human rights, etc. of TBS, jury members
    or third parties
i) Actions that disadvantage or inflict damages on TBS or third parties, or that have the potential to do so
j) Actions that are, or potentially are, in contravention of these Rules and the Entry Standards
k) Actions that violate or potentially violate the laws and ordinances of Japan or other countries
l) Other actions deemed particularly inappropriate by TBS

9-2 In the event that TBS determines an applicant to have committed an action constituting any of the actions
     in the subparagraphs to the preceding paragraph, the applicant will lose his or her position as an
     applicant to the Awards and all rights under these Rules without notice or warning in any form. The same
     shall apply in the event that it is impossible to contact an applicant for a significant period of time and
     in the event that an applicant behaves in a manner unsuited to the purposes of the Awards (including cases
     in which inappropriate past behavior, etc. is identified).

10. Postponement and cancellation
10-1 TBS may, at its sole discretion, suspend, delay or cancel the Awards without warning in the event of
     any of the following.
a) Acts of God (including, but not limited to, fire, earthquake, tsunami, tornado, flood, meteorite,
    lightning strike, and incidents involving transportation institutions or communications lines), pandemic
     (including the spread of Covid-19, etc.), amendments to laws and regulations, government measures
     (including state of emergency declarations issued by central or local governments), labor disputes, or other
     force majeure for which TBS bears no-fault
b) Other cases in which TBS determines it necessary to suspend, delay or cancel the Awards for operational
    reasons or other unforeseen circumstances

Revised June, 2023


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