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In November 1980, members consisting mainly of seniors (Shu Kogure, Hidenori Inoue, etc.) at Osaka University of Arts Theatrical Arts Department launched the troupe by playing “The Atami Murder Case” by Kohei Tsuka. The name of the troupe “Shinkansen” was decided upon the reason that the members used a bullet train, known as Shinkansen, to go back home during that time. The troupe became popular as a copying troupe of Tsuka’s work and became the centerpiece of the theater boom among college students in the Kansai region. The genre of the play shifted from the copy of Tsuka’s play to an original entertainment full of comedy, rock, and action. Currently, it is subdivided by series such as Inoue Kabuki and Shinkansen R, and these unique characteristics were established as “Shinkansen-ism.” Gekidan☆Shinkansen is now one of the genres in the entertainment field. The gorgeous cast in every work draws attention of the audience since the troupe is acknowledged as a troupe that the actors want to play in.
Gekidan☆Shinkansen’s greatest number of recruitments took place during the 2012 winter performance “ZIPANG PUNK ~ Goemon Rock III”, recording over 130 thousand people. In 2015, Gekidan☆Shinkansen reached its 35th anniversary.

Seven Souls in the Skull Castle

“Seven Souls in the Skull Castle,” produced at Ikebukuro West Gate Park in 1990, is brushed up and performed every 7 years. It is now recognized as the troupe’s masterpiece. Especially, the 1997 version had the perfect harmony with all of the story, performance, sword battle, and music, and became the best of ‘Inoue Kabuki’ series. In 2004, they tried out a bold attempt, named “Skull Year,” and performed the same work in the spring and fall with completely different casts and direction. The change between the two works, dramatic “Ver. RED” and pretense “Ver. BLUE” was a huge success and brought an end of its work. In 2011, after 21 years from the first performance, they brought back “Seven Souls in the Skull Castle” with young casts, creating a new conception.
After another 7 years, “Seven Souls in the Skull Castle” is now dynamically performed for more than a year from 2017 to 2018, as the opening performance of “Stage Around” theater, which the audience is 360°surrounded by the stage and its seating floor rotates.

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