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Welcome to 23rd DigiCon6 ASIA


DigiCon6 ASIA Festival Director
MESSAGE from YAMADA Aki to all of you

I am looking back to a year ago.
All movie theaters and show theaters were closed, cherry blossom
viewing and graduation ceremonies were restricted. We were deprived of
our freedom of action. The country closed down. At the same time
people all over the world kept their distance from each other.
The life as we knew it was suspended. The Internet was filled with
comments of anxieties and fears. However, at the same time we had an
unfounded optimism that this situation was not going to last forever.

Now a year later, we’ve become accustomed to extraordinary habits,
face masks, working from home and using the Internet. Now it appears
the global pandemic isn’t going to end yet, and we’ve even become
accustomed to the feeling of despair. There are people who need music,
movies, literature, art, and culture so that emotions do not die in
this desolate world. And there are people who continue to create so
that their emotions will not die.

I am confident that this year too we will receive works that will
stimulate our emotion, from all corners of Asia. DigiCon6 ASIA wants
to be a venue to attract and blend with various Asian people involved
in video, regardless of country or region. The pandemic will end one
day. People will once again open the door and go out. I am confident
the day will come when we will take each other’s hands and regain our
ties with one another.

Looking forward to the day when we can meet everyone with a smile,
I declare the opening of the 23rd DigiCon6 ASIA to be held in 2021.

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