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To everyone facing this COVID-19 threat with quarantine. Welcome to Short movies world!
Let’s find suited playlist from DigiCon6 ASIA previous winning and great works which will be marked 22nd this year.

vol.8 Summertime Blues
Rainy days are now over! It's a time of summer vacation!
No Koshien the high school baseball championship, No Olympics. It's not free to go on a trip or even back to their home town...
But, summer is coming although anything is happening. This summer is only once, make some memorable summer.
This is the playlist for summer feelings that sweet, sour and sometimes bitter.

1.Fumiko's Confession(ISHIDA Hiroyasu)

2.Memory of Blue - Himalaya(HIRAI Akane/YANAGIDA Ryosuke/YAMAGUCHI Mai)

3.mekakure(NONAKA Akifumi)

4.The Light at night in Summer(ISHIKAWA Kota)

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