DigiCon6 ASIA

DigiCon6 ASIA


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Let’s not be defeated by COVID-19!
Let’s draw strength from films.
Festival Director YAMADA Aki has chosen Asian short films from DigiCon6 JAPAN to make a play list for YouTube.
We bring you the third group of selection! It is a program for Melancholy morning ,keep your chin up.
Join us and enjoy the DigiCon6 world.

1.Dance to Life(HIRAMATSU Haruka)
Evert tingle in her heart gets her swinging to the beat. For her, dance is life. And life is dance. The colorful animation of her dancing daily life.

Lovely fluffy and it’s useful, want it right now. Introduce fluffy animals.

3.My secret school days (ASANO Yoko)
It would be so much better if everyone is gone!
A girl who don’t like school sits on the corner of the classroom and getting into imaginary world.

4.Good Luck Yonpey(Shota)
A colorful animation of powerful crazy boy Yonepey with lively music. All generations can enjoy the work.

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