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DigiCon6 ASIA


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Let’s not be defeated by COVID-19!
Let’s draw strength from films.
Festival Director YAMADA Aki has chosen Asian short films from DigiCon6 ASIA to make a play list for YouTube.
We bring you the second group of selection! It is a program with horror and suspense films to give you thrills and keep you company on a sleepless night.

1.S-The Birth of Psycho (Kim Woohyun)
An incident was occurred. Victims are octopus and shrimp. What is the meaning of the dying message that tuna detective found out. The real hard-boiled mystery based on the sea.

2.Disposition (Mak Sue Fung/Hong Kong)
A lonely hunter who seek prey. The prey, huge creature hiding in a icebound mountain.
Finally, the battle with a life or death begin.

3.So Sad Show (Vincent Yip and Philip Kwok/Hong Kong)
“The So Sad Show” is a fantastic opportunity for the ghosts to start all over again. No matter how one
dies, if the death is sad and pitiful enough, one is qualified to come on stage to compete in the show.
Funky and Dark Hong Kong animation.

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