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Welcome to 22nd DigiCon6 ASIA


Not just Asia, but the whole world is currently rocked by the new coronavirus.
An unknown threat that is creeping in on our daily lives. It seems very unreal. I am writing this note as the world faces fears such as it has never faced before.

No, I should correct myself. Man must have had to worry about disasters since ancient times.
I believe that people thousand of years ago trembled in fear of nature’s threat and infectious disease, just like us now.
I can have hope, as that is how the world has continued.

Even if I knew that the world will go to pieces tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree.
Martin Luther

The 16th century. These are the words of the German professor of theology who lived more than 500 years ago. Europe was gripped by the plague then. In the current world of the Internet, the world edges in the direction opposite to diversity. What is more dangerous than the virus, is discrimination and racism born from ignorance. The threat to society and the weakness of the individual. Very little has changed between now and the past. While we bear with an uncertain future that we cannot see, we believe in the future and build a world. That is what it means to plant an apple tree.

I declare the hosting of the 2020 22nd DigiCon6 ASIA. We need your talent. Regardless of who you may be, please express yourselves as you are.
Films provide us with the tools to understand the world. Through visuals we are able to learn the customs and culture of the people of other countries.
The film you create is reborn inside a different person who has seen it and lives on.
I look forward to seeing your creations and each and everyone of you.

DigiCon6 ASIA

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