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22nd DigiCon6 ASIA Key Visual


These are the words from NONAKA Akifumi, winner of last year's DigiCon6 JAPAN Gold"Mekakure" who is responsible for designing this year's key visual.


I believe all children have a free, fragile and weird imagination. And children take for granted that they are able to master their monster-like imagination.

But I feel that many people shed and loose this imagination as they grow and become adults. Perhaps there are times when something triggers that imagination we once possessed. It might hurt us with strong feelings of uncertainty and fear.

The wonderful creators that I have seen appear to have maintained a “child's heart,” and are expressing it in their works.

I have illustrated a child's overwhelming imagination and sense as a monster which is being mastered with a lot of fun. Of course the shape and size of the monster differs between people. That is what makes them interesting.

Creating a work is one way of coexisting with a monster, I think.

NONAKA Akifumi


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