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“Visuals created in Asia brought to the world’s children”~ DigiCon6 ASIA will again supply works to the mobile theater this year ~



YAMADA Aki (DigiCon6 ASIA Festival Director) , NAKATSUKA Nobuhito (World Theater Project Chief Director)

DigiCon6 ASIA, a short film visual competition with participants from 14 countries and regions, will provide the Tokyo-based World Theater Project (WTP) with 7 superior works free of charge. The WTP is a Japanese non-profit organization dedicated to movie delivery to children in developing countries. It was founded by KYORAISEKI Saori.

DigiCon6 ASIA has been working with WTP since 2018. Films have been shown to children in several countries including Cambodia, Nepal and Bangladesh. Its activity has received accolades, and this year it was decided to expand the collaboration.

The DigiCon6 ASIA creators have been very cooperative about providing their work for this activity which is aimed at encouraging children in the world. Many of the children come from families that are struggling financially. Many of these children are seeing films for the first time.

The screenings take many forms. WTP often uses bed sheets for screens. Generators are used to show the films under star-filled skies. No matter the form, the children have their bright eyes glued to the screen.

People have said “I felt that movies are the world’s common language.” “The films brought smiles to many children.” “The activity nurtures imagination and the ability to think.”

This activity not only honors the work woven by the young Asian creators, it also connects the superior works with the world’s children in a growing circle.

Works to be loaned


◯ On the World Theater Project
Established in 2012, its mission is described thus: “We believe in a world that children can have dreams to open the way in their own life regardless of any circumstances.” Based on this philosophy, it shows movies to children in industrializing nations. It has held screening for over 70,000 children in farming areas, schools and village squares to Cambodia and other areas where there are no movie theaters by setting up projectors and creating an impromptu theater.

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