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Welcome to 21st DigiCon6 ASIA


“A happy ending is film’s greatest invention.” These are the words of Japanese film director OBAYASHI Nobuhiko.

Yesterday and today. No day goes by without news of some horrible incident taking place somewhere in this world. In life there is no such thing as a complete happy ending. People still long for a wonderful ending even though it may be false. They dream of a happiness that will lead to a better tomorrow, no matter how hard life is now. They cling to the belief that peaceful and calm days will come. If you believe in it strongly enough it could come true. A happy ending is the great wisdom that films have created.

OBAYASHI goes on to say: “If the world achieves a truly happy ending, movies which weave truth from lies may become obsolete.”

When I see a work, I see a horizon over the ocean. Mankind gains strength from imagining the world beyond the waters, a world on the opposite side. Imagination gives people freedom. Imagination is the trigger that draws out people’s ideas. It is what gives us the strength to live our lives. A new door opens in front of our eyes. Through visual works we are able, not only to go through novel experiences, but also to meet imaginary persons and other living beings that we would otherwise be unable to meet even if we lived hundreds of years. We are able to travel unrestricted by borders or time zones. We encounter special sceneries that cannot exist in real life. We learn about a world filled with surprises and laughter. We gain the strength to work a little more and to believe that things will be fine. More than we realize we need encouragement to live life. The world is full of exotic and valuable things.

DigiCon6 ASIA’s role is to look for and find that work that shines and to provide a venue where the audience, work and creator can come together. The fundamental foundation of culture is peace. Creating ties through peace has great meaning. Staying cloistered from the world is tantamount to the death of emotions.

For its 21st event, the DigiCon6 ASIA awards ceremony for the first time leaves Tokyo’s Marubiru hall. It will be held in Hong Kong’s Tai Kwun. This marks a new horizon. We live on Earth, and we have always known that we must not be intolerant of others and that we must overcome hatred. But we have been unable to realize this. We learn that the world is a multiracial place, with people who speak many different languages. We are the richer for knowing that we are different and interesting. Looking at a visual work helps us look at things from a different angle. A life that can only perceive things from one side is tedious. Learning that perceiving things from a different angle will open up a new horizon will surely set our locked-up souls free. I believe that the activities of DigiCon6 ASIA, which currently counts 14 Asian countries and regions as members, can in some way contribute to realizing a peaceful world. I look forward to seeing many new works this year. I am eagerly waiting for works to be submitted.

DigiCon6 ASIA Festival Director

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