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21st DigiCon6 ASIA Key Visual


John Chan has been asked to be the creator of the key visual for the 21st DigiCon6 ASIA. John is a well known creator in Hong Kong which will host the event this year. John’s appointment was announced on March 20 at Hong Kong Filmart.

John won the Grand Prize at the 10th DigiCon6 ASIA. He later designed Din-Dong, a famous character in Hong Kong. He is a globally up-and-coming creator.

A key visual is used on the official website, Facebook and poster. It becomes the “face” of the competition. Using warm colors against a background that evokes Hong Kong, Din-Dong appears.

第21屆DigiCon6ASlA 之KEY VISUAL,我們委託了代表辦頒獎儀式地點—香港的動漫畫作家,陳宇峰(John chan)先生去設計,并於3月20日在香港影視展現場正式發表。

陳宇峰先生獲得第10屆DigiCon6 ASIA最優秀奨,之後創作很多不同動漫畫,其中創作了一隻十分受歡迎的角色「癲噹(Din-Dong)」,於亞洲不同地區展示。

這個KEY VISUAL會出現於DigiCon6的官方網站,海報與宣傳物品等。背景用插畫模仿香港的拍攝現場,顯出街頭的氣氛,充滿著溫暖和本地的色彩,而且「癲噹(Din-Dong)」如大貓般在其海報出現。

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