DigiCon6 ASIA

DigiCon6 ASIA


【Important Notice】Concerning submissions from Indonesia


The reception of the 19th DigiCon6 ASIA entry has ended.

About how submissions should be made from Indonesia.
The video should be uploaded either on YouTube or Vimeo. The necessary details should be filled out in the entry page for the submission.
Depending on the results of the screening, you may be asked at a later date to provide a data disc of your work that is of a quality that can be shown. You will be informed if that is the case.

August 31, 2017 (Thursday) 11:59 pm , Japan time

There are no restrictions on the genre. The work can be CG animation (2D/3D), stop motion/clay animation or live action film.
The work must be within 15 minutes.
If multiple works are submitted, each piece should be entered individually. If duplicate submissions are made, all the submissions will become invalid.

【Submission details】
Necessary details must be filled in before the deadline using the button below, and then enter.
Details of the entry will be confirmed, and a notice will be sent out to you within 10 days confirming that your work has been received.

【Submit entries here】

Submission differs depending on the area where you live.
Those living in a country other than Indonesia should make separate checks about how to submit their work.

Addresses and contact information of the Organizers

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