DigiCon6 ASIA

DigiCon6 ASIA


Announce the Judges of the 18th DigiCon6 ASIA.


Announce the Judges of the 18th DigiCon6 ASIA.

Detailed profiles of the judges will be introduced at a later date.


【ASIA Judges】

Kiki SUGINO <Actress, Director, Producer /Japan>

Shuzo John SHIOTA <President & CEO, Polygon Pictures Inc. /Japan>

Isshin INUDO <Director /Japan>

Hannes RALL <Animation Director,Producer /German>

Jack NEO <Director, Actor /Singapore>

Joon-dong LEE <Producer, CEO of NOWFILM Co., Ltd. / Korea> 


Katsuyuki MOTOHIRO Motohiro <Director /Japan>

Kanae TAKEUCHI <TV personality,Reporter /Japan>

Yuichi ITO <Animation Director /Japan>

Tatsutoshi Gon NOMURA <Director,Animator,Professor of Tama Art University Department of Graphic Design /Japan>

Nao KUBOTA <Film director, TV director/Japan>

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