Find the WASABI! ~NORIKA’s hunters~

シンガポール・タイ・インドネシアの若手タレントが日本でシェアハウス! “日本文化mission”に挑戦しながら日本の魅力を再発見するリアリティtv!!


"Find the WASABI! − NORIKA’s Hunters -" is an innovative new-genre, 'reality-game travelogue' series featuring 3 "knock-out" Asian celebrities who live together in a share house in downtown Tokyo - and are on a special mission to find the 'secret spice' of Japan. In each episode, they are challenged by a powerful "Commander" to solve 'mysteries' about Japan that continue to puzzle people around the world.

Find the WASABI!番組写真

タイトルに含まれるWASABIには、山葵=日本独自のスパイス、侘び寂び=日本独自の文化という発想から、WASABI=「謎めいた日本の象徴」という意味が込められている。 The word WASABI in the program title was inspired by WASABI, the spicy condiment indigenous to Japan, as well as the 'wabi sabi' culture unique to Japan, and represents the mysterious nature of its culture and people.