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24th DigiCon6 ASIA Regional Judges


Shuzo John SHIOTA

Shuzo John SHIOTA President & CEO, Polygon Pictures Inc. Shuzo John Shiota was raised in the United States and is a graduate of the Sophia University Faculty of Law, Department ofInternational Legal Studies. After joining the Nippon Steel Corporation in 1991, Shiota went on to participate in the launch of Dream Pictures Studio in 1997. He moved to Polygon two years later and in 2003 assumed the position of President and CEO. As studio head Shiota has spearheaded efforts to cultivate Polygon's overseas presence, helping the studio to become a leading developer of TV series and content targeted at the foreign market.
Shiota has also served as a judge at major Japanese and international film festivals including Prix Ars Electronica (AUS), SIGGRAPH (U.S.) and the Annecy International Animation Film Festival (France). In 2008, he was selected as one of the "25 Toon Titans of Asia'' by popular industry publication Animation Magazine. He also presided as conference chair for SIGGRAPH Asia in December 2021, and in 2022 received a Special Achievement Award at the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival. His hobbies include playing in a band.
The virus, war, heat waves. The list of deeply troubling developments is endless. My curiosity is aroused, and I am eager to see how you have digested these phenomena and sublimated them into expressions that only you can make. I also believe that such expressions have the power to free our agonized minds, as we are confronted with the same phenomena, it resonates and produces empathy. It is precisely in times like these that we need your works.

ITOH  Yuichi

ITOH Yuichi Animation Director Born in 1962. President of I.TOON. He is very active in many fields especially, his animations and character designed using various techniques focusing on clay.
One of his masterpiece 27th Anniversary "KNYACKI!" (NHK educational television), ”PON DE LION”(Mister Donut’s TV commercial), Original short animation based in Yokohama harbor, “HARBOR TALE”(Awarded best short animation, etc. at ZLIN FILM FESTIVAL), designed “Garden Bear” (Official character for Garden Necklace YOKOHAMA 2017) and more. International Jury at the 18th Hiroshima International Animation Festival. A member of the ASIFA-JAPAN. A member of the board of directors of the Japan Animation Association.
Professor at Graduate School of Film and New Media Tokyo University of the Arts, Animation Department.
It is 16 years since DigiCon6 opened its doors to Asia! Each year we have no idea of what awaits us! This chaos is what DigiCon6 is all about. DigiCon6 knew from the very beginning that there are no boundaries between animation, live-action, CG, and VR. We will be watching closely with our ears and eyes to see what whispers and universes will be revealed by the works being created in this time of COVID and war. It is my sincere wish to see both creators and supporters of DigiCon6 continue to grow together.

NOMURA Tatsutoshi

NOMURA Tatsutoshi Director/Animator/Professor Born in 1964. Tatsutoshi joined ROBOT COMMUNICATIONS INC. in 1987. After he worked as a director for commercials, he created original animations applying different types of methods. These include Fuji Television’s “STRAY SHEEP” and NHK’s “Jam the HOUSNAIL.” Tatsutoshi has also been involved in creating commercials, picture books, illustrations and exhibit visuals.
He has been teaching animation at his alma mater Tama Art University, Department of Graphic Design since 2011. A member of the board of directors of the Japan Animation Association.
There are many disturbing news these days about the coronavirus, wars, extreme weather, environmental problems, and their impact on the economy. But art and entertainment will never disappear from the world. It is precisely because we live in such difficult times that the role of art and entertainment becomes even more important . What kind of works will we get to see this year? Works that reflect the current times; those that are full of unshakable individuality, and those that challenge expressions as we have never seen before? I look forward to seeing video works that will surpass even the jury's imaginations!


MATSUMOTO Noriko Producer, dwarf dept. xpd Inc. Noriko Matsumoto is a producer of animation films and the head producer of dwarf studios.
She started her career as a TV commercial producer. After producing both ‘Domo’ (1998) and the exhibition showcasing what goes on behind the scenes of animation films, which led to the creation of ‘Komaneko’ by Goda, (who also created Domo), she shifted her field to the animation and character industry and she supported Goda when he started the studio dwarf.
Ms. Matsumoto was one of the first producers in Japan to work with international streaming services, bringing the superior quality stop-motion techniques that dwarf is renowned for to an even wider audience. First to be released was the 2016 Amazon Prime pilot season of ‘The Curious Kitty’, based on ‘Komaneko’. After that came ‘Rilakkuma and Kaoru’ with Netflix in 2019.
In 2021 she worked with theater production people on a collaboration to support the industry during the pandemic, releasing the film ‘Gyoro Goes to the Theater’. In 2022, the second season of Rilakkuma, ‘Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure’ will be released.
I think that one of the many joys of filmmaking is answering the need to communicate something to others. To precisely convey your message to the recipient. I hope to see many such films submitted. They don’t have to convey the message in a direct way. They don’t have to be clever. What is important is the message (the tale) you wish to tell!
What kind of techniques and characters will you use to visualize it?
As a juror who feels more like a member of the audience, I look forward to seeing them all!

INUDO Isshin

INUDO Isshin Film Director / Commercial Director /Script Writer Born in 1960. He started directing and producing independent films while he was in high school. After graduating from university he worked as a TV commercial director/planner and was recognized with numerous awards for advertising. In 1997, his first feature film Futari ga Shabetteru. (1997) won the Film Director's Association New Face Award.
He made his major directorial debut in 1999 with Kinpatsu no Sogen. Since then, he has actively directed works such as Josee, the Tiger, and the Fish (2003), La Maison de Himiko (2005), Bizan (2007), The Floating Castle (2012), Moving Daimyo! (2019), Bucket List (2019), The Unnamable Dance (2022).
His latest film, Haw is scheduled to be released in August 2022.
Judging a DigiCon6 contest is great fun.
This is because I get to see fresh and interesting works. And sometimes, I am stimulated and surprised by the works. If I am surprised, that is the most exciting part of being a member of the panel of judges. I am grateful for the opportunity to be immersed in the perspectives of both young artists, and mature judges and coming in contact with something fresh.


HIGUCHI Shinji Director Higuchi was starting his career in 1984, working on special effects on “Godzilla”. Winning Special Mention at Japan Academy Film Prize as special effect director on “Heisei Gamera Series” He is actively working on live-action, special effects, animation, CG, etc. As a director, “Lorelei: The Witch of the Pacific Ocean” (2005), “Sinking of Japan”(2006), etc. He won the best director at Academy Film Prize for “The Floating Castle” (2012) co-director with Isshin Inudo. He was working on the “EVANGELION” as a storyboard director. “Shin Godzilla” (2016) marked box office success with more than 80 billion yen. the latest film,“Shin Ultraman” was released in May 2022. Message
22 years ago DigiCon6 started to affectionately watch over Asian countries digital visual expressions which was just a toddler then. It has since grown up and gone through a voice change.
The history of the competition is the evolution and deepening of visual expression. More than the judging process I am looking forward to seeing films full of surprises.

MOTOHIRO Katsuyuki

MOTOHIRO Katsuyuki Director After attending a film school and working as a filmmaker, Motohiro marked his debut as a film director in 1996
with “July 7th, Hare.” The 2013 movie “Odoru daisosasen the movie 2: Rainbow Bridge wo fuusa seyo!”
recorded the top box-office revenue of all time for live-action Japanese movies. 2015, he directed “Makuga agaru” a film based on a novel by Oriza Hirata, and Momoiro Clover Z starred in the lead role. He was also a director of the stage version. As a stage director, he recently direct “PSYCHO-PASS Virtue and Vice” etc. “Channel wa Sonomama!” for HTB's 50 anniversary, winning the Grand Prix of The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Awards in the TV drama section. His latest works are “Ajin: Demi-Human”(2017), “Beautiful Dreamer”(2020), “Brave: Gunjyo Senki” (2021), etc.
I look forward to seeing a lot of your work and discovering new talent!

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