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The 8-Year Engagement
©2017 “The 8-Year Engagement”
Movie Project

From adaptations of popular manga to tearjerkers based on best-selling books, TBS produces movies in diverse genres that keep us front and center in the film industry.

MUMON, a ninja action movie released in July 2017, was a huge hit watched by 2.24 million moviegoers and earned over ¥2.51 billion in box-office sales. The first release of MUMON on Blu-ray disc and DVD sold over 100,000 copies.

The 8-Year Engagement, which was released in December 2017, was also extremely popular. This depiction of a true story about a couple who get married after the fiancée overcomes a serious disease, was watched by 2.20 million people and made ¥2.81 billion at the box office. The Crimes That Bind, which was released in January 2018, was the final installment in the Shinzanmono series, a TV serial drama that recorded excellent ratings. This movie adaptation also was a great success and earned almost ¥1.60 billion in box-office sales.

In August, we released a movie adaptation of the popular girls’ manga Ao-Natsu that more than lived up to its hype and sparked an enthusiastic response from moviegoers.


Shinkalion ©PJ-S,J/S,TBS

TBS broadcasts unique, high-quality anime that appeal to fans of all ages. Shinkalion, an anime program based on the popular Plarail railway toys made by TOMY Company, Ltd., features children who pilot Shinkansen bullet trains that transform into giant robots to fight evil, and has earned a keen following among kids and grown-ups alike. We also produce original anime and anime adaptations of popular stories that are broadcast at night. In addition to producing and airing anime series on television, our multifaceted operations include the sale of Bluray discs and DVDs, anime-related product development,hosting events, and creating movie adaptations.



TBS is dedicated to presenting memorable events and entertainment. We are the only Japanese broadcaster that owns and operates three venues that are popular cultural and entertainment centers, where we regularly roll out events that are the talk of the town.

The TBS Akasaka ACT Theater has been the stage for a wide spectrum of productions ranging from kabuki to original plays, while Mynavi BLITZ AKASAKA, a music venue with a capacity of about 1,400, hosts a steady stream of concerts by artists popular among young people. Add to this our IHI STAGE AROUND TOKYO 360-degree theater, and we have some of the most in-demand live entertainment centers in Japan.

We are also involved in a variety of exhibitions at museums and other venues, including the organization of an extensive show featuring the work of worldrenowned architect Tadao Ando in 2017, and the Rubens and the Birth of the Baroque exhibition from October 2018 to January 2019. These and other shows have attracted many visitors from across Japan and even overseas.

TBS is committed to heightening the popularity of culture and art, and we will deliver buzzworthy content as a company at the forefront of live cultural events.


©’13、’17 SANRIO S/D·G

TBS actively develops and sells a wide array of products and books inspired by its programs and popular characters, to help viewers feel an even closer affinity with our TV shows and other content. Available through TBS stores and our official “ishop” online store, these goods have also sold well at special promotional events in department stores and supermarkets.

TBS subsidiary StylingLife Holdings Inc. operates the nationwide chain of “PLAZA” stores that sell daily lifestyle and consumer goods, and are very popular among female shoppers. “Saborino,” a unique face mask developed by StylingLife, became a runaway hit in Japan and, after also flying off the shelves in Taiwan, is now sold in 15 nations and territories.

Real Estate Business

Akasaka Biz Tower

Net sales from our real estate business increased 4.4 percent from FY2017 to ¥15.868 billion, and operating income increased 2.8 percent to ¥7.954 billion.

Occupancy rates of offices and retail stores in Akasaka Biz Tower remained steadily high. akasaka Sacas will continue to cement its position as a popular cultural and entertainment center by organizing events that help viewers feel closer to the TBS Group and TBS programs.