Dr. STOЯKS This realistic portrayal of the efforts by a hospital’s maternity and neonatal wards to protect the lives of mothers and babies was a huge hit among female viewers.
Unnatural This original story-a-week forensic mystery won multiple domestic awards for its superb acting, production, and screenplay.

Throughout the history of Japanese television, TBS has been synonymous with the production of excellent drama series. With decades of hit programs under our belt, we are supremely confident of the dramas we make. In recent years, NAOKI HANZAWA and The Full-Time Wife Escapist had a remarkable social impact and were hits elsewhere in Asia as well.

TBS produces distinctive drama series in a number of time slots. Among these, our Sunday 9 p.m. slot is especially popular, an established home for serial dramas watched by viewers young and old. Dramas broadcast in this slot offer perceptive depictions of the times, with many attracting the highest average ratings of all programs aired during their run. Our numerous domestic awards attest to the high quality of our storytelling across a diverse lineup of programs. TBS will keep producing visionary, insightful drama series in a wide range of genres.


Pittanko Kan-kan(Friday)A mainstay of our lineup for 15 years, this show follows popular celebrities as they travel around Japan to find foodie destinations and interesting out-of-the-way spots. Their unexpected experiences in those places are used as the material for quiz questions in the studio.

TBS produces many entertainment programs that have become evening staples for viewers. Our stellar Friday evening lineup is especially popular, consistently drawing high ratings, and our Tuesday and Thursday shows are also picking up steam. Our innovative, highly acclaimed programs have created a buzz in the TV industry and picked up numerous domestic awards.

We will continue strengthening our program planning and development toentertain viewers even more.



TBS covers and delivers news around the clock, with more than 1,000 staffers dedicated to collecting and broadcasting swift, accurate information. We work closely with other TV stations affiliated with the Japan News Network and our overseas bureaus to provide our viewers with news from across Japan and around the world.

Each weekday, TBS broadcasts more than 13 hours of live news and information programs. Our ability to deliver viewer-friendly news and information has helped fuel the overall upward trend in our audience ratings, and TBS will continue to provide exclusive information and fresh perspectives on topics that are important to our viewers.


WBA Flyweight Champion, Kazuto Ioka

TBS has something for every sports fan in Japan. We use the latest technology to bring viewers coverage from every angle in our broadcasts of baseball, soccer, boxing, “ekiden” road relays and other athletics events, volleyball, tennis, and much more.

In addition to games featuring the Japan men’s national soccer team, we also broadcast the annual All Japan High School Women’s Football Championship. Boxing events on New Year’s Eve have become a TBS tradition, with some title bouts recording an audience rating of over 20 percent.