Message from the President

Toshichika Ishihara
Takashi Sasaki
TBS Holdings, Inc.
TBS Television, Inc.

As one of Japan’s premier media companies, the TBS Group has embraced the exciting changes taking place in the broadcasting industry. While proud of our past, we also have our eyes firmly on the future. The company has developed a diverse array of businesses, including TV programs and content, cultural events, real estate, product commercialization and shopping. The centerpiece of these operations is TBS Television, which has created countless hit drama, variety, and news programs, and played an important role as a torchbearer of Japan’s broadcasting culture.
TBS programs are watched in countries all over the world. I’m sure many of you have watched the program Ninja Warrior at least once. Yes, that program in which fearless participants try to overcome a unique and challenging obstacle course, and which is based on SASUKE, a sports entertainment program broadcast on TBS since 1997. SASUKE and its localized versions are now broadcast in 165 nations and territories. In 2017, TV channels in Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, Hungary, Austria and Russia started airing locally produced versions. Over the years, numerous other TBS programs, including the famous Takeshi’s Castle, have found a place in the hearts of viewers in many corners of the globe.
Technological innovations and changes in lifestyle are rapidly altering the environment surrounding our broadcasting operations. However, TBS considers this era of change to be a golden opportunity to demonstrate the strength of our content production that has been crafted over many years. In April, we launched the flat-fee video-on-demand service Paravi in cooperation with several of Japan’s leading media groups. Paravi is a new media platform on which viewers can watch content produced by these media companies “anytime, anywhere, and on any device.” The addition of Paravi to our existing terrestrial broadcasting, broadcast satellite, communication satellite, and radio channels will enable TBS to meet viewers’ changing needs even better than before.
We remain committed to ensuring that everything “From TBS” links to a brighter future. The TBS Group will continue to eagerly take on new challenges – and we believe the best is yet to come.