Principal Majority-owned Subsidiaries (As of March 31, 2018)

CompanyCapital (million yen)TBS Holdings (%)Services
TBS Television, Inc.300100TV broadcasting
Planning, production, and marketing of TV programming
TBS Radio, Inc.478100Radio broadcasting
Planning and production of radio broadcasts and programming
BS-TBS, INC.5,844100Satellite TV broadcasting
Planning, production, satellite broadcasting, and sales of satellite TV programming
TBS Vision, Inc.100100Planning and production of TV programming
TBS Service, Inc.200100Planning and production of audio and visual content, marketing of printing services and broadcast programming
NICHION, INC.50100Music publisher
Distribution and management of music products, planning and production of original recordings, etc.
Midoriyama Studio City, Inc.100100Leasing, operation, and management of buildings and studios
Grand Marché, Inc.360100TV, radio, and online shopping; provision of these services to other companies; and retail management services
TOKYO BROADCASTING SYSTEM INTERNATIONAL, INC.US$3.28 million100Research and analysis of media-related information in the US and management of news bureaus in the US
TC Entertainment, Inc.20051Development, creation, and reproduction of video and music software and other computer software
StylingLife Holdings Inc.10051Strategy planning services for subsidiaries, retail sales of imported lifestyle goods, and manufacturing and sales of cosmetics and other products
DREAMAX TELEVISION INC.22074.7*Planning and production of TV programs, production of TV commercials, and provision of directing and producing services
TOTSU, Inc.45352.1*Technical services related to broadcast program production and services incidental thereto

*Includes percentage owned by subsidiary