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Inquiries about Personal Information

Please follow the procedures mentioned below when the data subject of personal information or his/her agent requests disclosure of personal information, etc. (notice of purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition and deletion of personal information or discontinuation of use of personal information). With regard to requests concerning personal information, we only accept such requests by mail (e-mails of inquiries from individuals in the EU region may also be accepted) in order to be careful about identification, etc.

Access to forms

Please select the appropriate form and download it.

  • If you are unable to access these forms, please contact the call number mentioned in 5.
    We will mail the form to you.

Please print out the downloaded form and fill out the necessary information. Please enclose the following.

  1. Identity confirmation document (Mandatory)
    Please select one of the following documents to confirm your name and address, and enclose a copy of such document: driver's license, health insurance card, basic resident register card, pension book, alien registration certificate, etc. In the event of a request by an agent, in addition to the above, please enclose a document certifying that the agent is the legal representative of the minor or adult ward or a proxy from the individual concerned.
  2. Fees (in the case of a request for notice of purpose of use and disclosure of information)
    In the event of a request for notice of purpose of use or disclosure of information, a fee of 500 yen per case will be required. Your payment of fees is limited to postal money order with fixed amount issued by the post office. Please enclose a designated amount of postal money order. Please refer to the request form for disclosure regarding details of the postal money order with fixed amount. No fee is required for requests for correction, addition, or deletion of personal information or discontinuation of use of personal information.

Delivery address of the form is as follows:

5-3-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Personal Information Desk
E-mail address privacy@gr.tbs.co.jp

Requirements of the form

After confirming that the necessary documents and fees (if required) are enclosed, we will respond to the request as soon as possible by registered mail (or by e-mail if we accept e-mails of inquiries from individuals in the EU region) to the data subject. If unable to respond to a request, we will notify the data subject of the reason.
Please note that we may contact you if it is difficult to identify the relevant personal information or if there is any other unclear matter.

Contact in relation to processing personal information

If you have any opinions or complaints regarding the processing of personal information, please contact the above personal information desk by mail or e-mail or contact us at the following number, specifying your name and address.

Telephone 03 (3746) 1111 (Representative)
→ Please tell us that you have "opinions and complaints regarding personal information."

The personal information desk is operating from 10:00 to 12:00, and from 13:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Provided, however, that the desk is closed on holidays such as the year-end and new-year.

Authorized personal information protection organization

The Company is a member entity of “Secure Broadcasting Authorization and Research Center,” an authorized personal information protection organization based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. If you still have any questions despite receiving an explanation about the processing of personal information related to our broadcasting under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and you need consultation, please contact the following directly.

Contact information

At the Secure Broadcasting Authorization and Research Center
Personal Information Protection Center
https://www.sarc.or.jp/hogo/kaiketu-c.html (Move to external site)

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