Final Episode

As the army of the new Japanese government under Takamori Saigo (Takahiro Fujimoto) enters Edo, a battalion of Tokugawa loyalists called the Shogitai assemble near Ueno looking for an opportune moment to rise in revolt. Kyotaro Tachibana (Keisuke Koide) has been given a recommendation by Kaishu Katsu (Fumiyo Kohinata) to go study in France. But filled with remorse for believing that he had created the circumstances that led to Ryoma Sakamoto's assassination, Kyotaro wonders if he should instead join in the defense of the new government as a foot soldier. Meanwhile, Jin (Takao Osawa), whose health has begun to deteriorate, is requested by Ryojun Matsumoto (Tatsuhito Okuda) to take up a position at Igakusho, a medical research institute, in preparation for the fighting that is about to begin in Edo. Aware that the time he has left in his life is running out, Jin decides to bequeath all his medical knowledge to the doctors at Jinyudo.

What conclusion awaits Jin in the tumultuous whirlpool of history? And will he be able to make it back to his own time?