Episode 4

Some time has passed, and Ryoma Sakamoto (Masaaki Uchino) now in the care of the Satsuma clan has with colleagues launched a shipping company called “Kameyama Shachu”. He also encounters Shintaro Nakaoka (Kamejiro Ichikawa), a ronin (masterless samurai) formerly of the Tosa clan who is now under the protection of the Choshu clan. The two hit it off well, and begin the groundwork toward resolving the dispute between the Choshu and Satsuma clans.

One day, Genei Taki (Kazuyuki Aijima) visits the spared Jin Minakata (Takao Osawa) for help in his effort to come up with a powdered penicillin. The shogunate has asked that he cure Princess Kei (Tamaki Ogawa), wife of the Kawagoe clan leader of her hump. Jin agrees to help and sets out for Kawagoe with Saki Tachibana (Haruka Ayase). At an inn on the way, they encounter a young girl, Ohatsu (Rina Hatakeyama), and Jin feels an electrifying shock run down his spine the moment he touches her. There is something strange about this girl.

Upon their arrival in the Kawagoe clan territory, Jin immediately prepares to work on curing the princess’ hump but she refuses him. “I don’t need treatment.” Eventually, Saki succeeds in convincing Princess Kei to be examined by Jin, who determines that the hump is not malignant and can be surgically removed. The only catch is that she is anemic, and if operated on, she runs the risk of bleeding to death.