Episode 3

Jin Minakata (Takao Osawa) and Saki Tachibana (Haruka Ayase) are accused of poisoning the shogun’s wife, Kazunomiya (Tomoka Kurokawa) with arsenic in the bean jam donuts they gave her, and tossed in jail for attempted murder. Jin is first given a rough treatment by the prison warden (Takashi Ukaji) and his deputies, then is subjected to severe torture by the shogun’s officials. “The judgment of heaven has been given,” they declare as Jin prepares to meet his maker.

Meanwhile, Kaishu Katsu (Fumiyo Kohinata), Ryoma Sakamoto (Masaaki Uchino) and Kyotaro Tachibana (Keisuke Koide) seek Tatsugoro Shinmon (Atsuo Nakamura);head fireman/gurding the Shogun, in breaking Jin out of prison. The staff of Jinyudo are, of course, beside themselves in worry and confusion at the news of Jin’s arrest. In particular, Yusuke Saburi (Kenta Kiritani) blames Genko Fukuda (Jiro Sato) of the palace medical institute accusing it of causing the mishap. Fukuda responds by pleading with the institute’s director, Genei Taki (Kazuyuki Aijima), to conduct another more impartial investigation of the incident. But Fukuda’s pleas fall on deaf ears, and Jin is sent to the magistrate’s office where he is to be put to death.