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トコトン掘り下げ隊! 生き物にサンキュー!!(毎週水曜よる7:00〜放送!)
Super-hilarious videos, surprising videos,
videos capturing just the right moment, and more!
We are seeking your best home videos!
For example:
- A shot of your cat or dog looking after your baby.
- A tender scene of reunion between a pet and owner.
- A home-movie proudly showing off your pet’s talents.
Those selected for the “Biggest Laugh Award” can receive 100,000 yen in prize money!
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Terms of Service
  • Only video and photographs taken by the contributor themselves may be submitted.
  • Contributors’personal information will be handled appropriately, in accordance with the TBS personal information protection policy.
  • The copyright to any submitted video and photographs belongs to the contributor, but the contributor shall be assumed to have given their permission for TBS and JNN affiliated stations to use said video and photographs, and to process and edit them to the extent that their authenticity is not compromised, without time limit and free of charge.
    • -In addition to broadcasting the video and photographs (including, but not limited to, terrestrial TV, BS, CS, CATV, mobile TV, and overseas TV), TBS and JNN affiliated stations may make use of them in secondary application on Internet, etc., in publishing or events, etc.
    • -Even after the submission system has ended, TBS and JNN affiliated stations may continue to use submitted video and photographs, in accordance with these terms of service.
    • -Submitted video and photographs cannot be deleted or returned.
  • Telecommunications charges incurred in the submitting of the video and photographs shall be borne by the contributor. As telecommunications charges can become quite expensive, it is recommended that contributors use their telecommunications provider’s flat-rate data system.
  • There may be inquiries from TBS or JNN affiliated stations about submitted video and photographs.
  • The acceptance of submitted video and photographs shall be at the discretion of TBS and JNN affiliated stations, and inquiries with regard to the criteria for acceptance, etc., cannot be responded to.
  • If submitted video or photographs are to be used in broadcasting, the contributor’s name may be displayed, with the prior consent of the contributor.
  • With the exception of material relating to criminal incidents or accidents, etc., material that infringes upon the copyrights or other property rights, privacy, portrait rights, etc., of a third party may not be submitted. Further, contributors may not submit improper or false information.
  • In the event that TBS TV or JNN affiliated stations suffer damage as a result of acts in violation of these terms of service, the contributor will be asked to compensate for any and all costs incurred (including lawyers’fees, etc.).
  • TBS TV has no obligation to save or store submitted video or photographs, and bears no responsibility for the loss or deletion of data, for whatever reason.
  • TBS TV may suspend or discontinue the video submission system without prior notice. Further, the system may be suspended or become inaccessible due to equipment issues or other reasons. TBS TV bears no responsibility for any loss or damage that may be suffered by the contributor as a result.
  • These terms of service may be changed by TBS TV at any time, with the updated terms of service becoming effective from the time that they are uploaded onto the prescribed site.
  • These terms of service shall be governed by the laws of Japan, regardless of the nationality of the contributor or the location from where material was uploaded, and the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
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Submission Form
[System Requirements]
In order to submit videos and images, your system must meet the following requirements:
Submitting from PC
Windows Users:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher, or the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.
Macintosh Users:
Latest version of Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.
Submitting from Android Smartphones
OS: Android OS 4.1 or higher and latest version of standard browser.
Submitting from iPhones
OS: iOS 9 or higher and latest version of Safari.
Note: There may be problems submitting from iOS 8.0.
We recommend updating to the latest version of iOS before making your submission.
We’re really looking forward to receiving all your submissions!
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