Collaboration with Thai TV Broadcasting Station, TV Shopping Business in Thailand

January 22, 2016

Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc., on the launch of broadcasts in Thailand of "I-I-YO-NE! JAPAN," a co-production travelogue series between TBS Television and 4 local broadcasters of JNN (Japan News Network), is to kick-off a TV shopping business trial with Thai terrestrial TV broadcaster, Amarin TV.

Selecting from TV shopping products with a proven track record of successful sales in Japan, TBS will provide at wholesale and export these items to Amarin TV. In addition to the exports, TBS and its TV shopping arm will provide video footage of the products, related interviews, TV shopping program scripts for reference, and other advice for production of a successful TV shopping program. The purpose of this collaboration is to support the success of Amarin TV's in-house production of TV shopping programs, and to boost sales in Thailand of smash-hit products from Japan. Amarin TV will provide promotion through its various channels, not only through terrestrial TV, but also women's lifestyle and other magazines, its bookstore chain, and widely throughout social media.
The shopping program, "Ma SHOP (Visit My Shop)" is a segment of "Wow! Wan-Yud (Wow! Amazing Weekend), a new lifestyle program Amarin TV is to launch at the end of January, and directly follows the "I-I-YO-NE! JAPAN" travelogue segment, which will be aired during the second half of the program. In some cases, the travelogue segment will link with the TV shopping items, such as selling pearl jewelry in the shopping segment after airing a travelogue on Iseshima, one of Japan's top specialty area for pearl culturing.

Travelogue Program: "I-I-YO-NE! JAPAN"

Content: A travelogue series (8, 24-minutes episodes) introducing the best scenic spots, food and cool items of local areas of Japan, hosted by an "Asian Princes s" (Thai model: May Pakdee) and her maid (Japanese comedienne and winner of 2009 Miss International Queen: Haruna Ai) and introduce to the viewers Japan's grand sites, famous gourmets, and local products.

Thai Broadcasts: on Amarin TV, Sundays January 24 through March 13, 2016 as a travel segment within a live morning information program, "Wow! Wan-Yud".

TV shopping segment: "Ma SHOP" shopping segment (approximately 6 minutes, locally produced by Amarin TV), which will be aired immediately following the "I-I-YO-NE! JAPAN" segment. The shopping segment will serve as test marketing of Japanese products, some of which introduced in the "I-I-YO-NE! JAPAN" segments. Six Japanese products will be offered during a period of 7 weeks.

About Amarin Group: Amarin Group is a Thai media conglomerate, with a major publishing enterprise as its core business. Known as the publisher of the literary works of The King of Thailand as well as the royal family, Amarin Group is a diverse media group with business in printing, publishing, terrestrial TV broadcasting, bookstores, and events. This Japan-Thai unique collaboration came about from a mutual goal to launch a successful TV shopping business in Thailand.