THE EMPEROR'S COOK Wins 4 Awards at the 2015 Tokyo Drama Awards!

October 26, 2015

THE EMPEROR'S COOK, a special drama commemorating TBS Television's 60th anniversary that aired on Sunday nights from April to July 2015, won the Grand Prix in the Series Drama Category at the 2015 Tokyo Drama Awards. In addition, Takeru Sato (who played protagonist Tokuzo Akiyama) won Best Performance by an Actor, Haru Kuroki (Tokuzo's wife Toshiko) won Best Performance by an Actress, and Ryohei Suzuki (Tokuzo's brother Shutaro) won Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, winning a total of 4 awards.

The Tokyo Drama Awards was established in 2008 with the distinctive concept of selecting "Japanese dramas it would like the world to watch." Now in its 8th year, the Awards recognizes shows that are high in quality, but also places heavy emphasis on their "marketability" and "merchantability" in the overseas market. Dramas broadcast between July 2014 and June 2015 were candidates, and were judged by the All Nippon Producers Association, writers covering television dramas in newspapers and television magazines, and television producers.

TBS has previously won the Grand Prix in the Series Drama Category for JIN in 2010 and NAOKI HANZAWA in 2014. It has also been awarded the Grand Prix in the Single Drama Category for 99 Years of Love – JAPANESE AMERICANS in 2011 and Double Face Episode 1 and Double Face Episode 2 (both TBS/WOWOW co-productions) in 2013.

THE EMPEROR'S COOK depicts the life of Tokuzo Akiyama, head chef for the imperial household for 6 decades. Based on a true story and the award-winning novel by Hisahide Sugimori, the protagonist is a good-for-nothing who falls in love with cooking after having a bite of delicious cutlet, and eventually becomes the head chef responsible for the emperor's meals. It is the ultimate human drama, following a man who lived through turbulent times from the late 19th century to the 20th century. The story of Tokuzo, who never loses sight of his dream, and his loving friends and family, was well received. The average audience rating for all 12 episodes was 14.9%, the highest out of serial dramas aired by commercial broadcasters between April and June 2015. (Rating for the Kanto region as surveyed by Video Research Ltd.)

At the 2015 Tokyo Drama Awards, TBS show Unfulfilled Promise (broadcast on August 15, 2014) also won Best Drama in the Single Drama Category. Yasuo Yagi, producer of Fathers (July to September 2014) won the Best Producer Award.