"REAL ESCAPE GAME TV" Nominated for 2014 International Digital Emmy!!!

February 27, 2014

TOKYO: "Real Escape Game TV," produced by TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) has been nominated for the 2014 International Digital Emmy Awards.

The innovative, real-time viewer-participation TV show has been selected for competition in the "Digital Program: Fiction" category, and the winner will be announced at the internationally known and recognized MIP TV event on April 7th 2014, in Cannes, France.

"Real Escape Game TV" is a real time viewer participation telemovie that emerged from collaboration between TBS and quiz production group SCRAP. The show is a spin-off of the SCRAP-produced interactive live puzzle event "Real Escape Game." Since its first broadcast on January 1st 2013, the show has been a hot topic among young viewers, and has seen success in the form of featured commercials and a large summer event at TBS-owned venue Akasaka Sacas.

In each episode, an inscrutable terrorist named Nazo-otoko gives the characters a "secret code" that they must solve. In this new type of digital entertainment, the chance to decrypt the code is also given to the viewers. Based on clues within the show, viewers can logon to the show's website and decrypt the code as the show progresses. Every episode is a race against time as viewers work simultaneously with the characters on the show.

This week TBS announced that "Real Escape Game TV" will get a regular slot as a weekly broadcast from April, airing Thursdays from 11:53pm-12:38am. So far, four episodes have been aired, with the third story being a national broadcast on August 14th 2013. The first season of the now serial drama is scheduled to have 10 episodes. Each episode will be a continuation of previous ones, with a new code that needs to be solved before the end of the show.

Many creative minds will come together for the making of this program - quiz-production and drama-production teams will work hand-in-hand to make the first season a success.

"Real Escape Game TV" gained national attention when it won an award as a one-of-a-kind viewer participation show at the "2013 Social TV Awards" (held by Nikkei Entertainment and Nikkei Digital Marketing). These awards recognize futuristic projects that interconnect television and social media. Now with the possibility of a Digital Emmy, it's sure to be a show to keep an eye out for!

*International Digital Emmy Awards - Organized by International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences [http://www.iemmys.tv/news_item.aspx?id=181]