Tonbi (Black Kite) takes Best Drama Series at the 2013 Asian Television Awards!

December 06, 2013

The TBS Sunday night program Tonbi (Black Kite), broadcast in January to March 2013, was awarded Best Drama Series at the Asian Television Awards in Singapore December 5, 2013.

Now in its 18th year, the annual Asian Television Awards is the region's biggest television program competition, and this year 238 entries from 12 different countries were nominated in 38 categories.

Tonbi (Black Kite) is a story that follows a widowed father for 30 years as he clumsily yet honestly rears his son. Based on the bestseller by award-winning writer Kiyoshi Shigematsu, the film stars Masaaki Uchino as the father Yasu, Takeru Sato as the son Akira, and Takako Tokiwa as mother Misako, and features a theme song by Masaharu Fukuyama that helps bring the story to life.

As expressed in the words of Misako, "Families grow, don't they?". People are not alone and are constantly evolving as connections are made and change between parents and children and then with their children. Communicating this simple yet deep message to viewers in a compelling new way, the drama has been much discussed and admired.

About Asian Television Awards

Launched in 1996, Asian Television Awards (ATA) recognizes excellence in programming, production and performance. The ATA is a non-profit organization supported in part by Television Asia Plus, a magazine focusing on television and new media trends in Asia. Bringing together Asia's leading broadcasters, the Awards recognize Winners and Highly Commended works in Best Documentary, Best Drama, Best Animation in over 30 categories. TBS programs have received recognition in the past, including JIN, Highly Commended in the Best Drama category in 2010, The Soul of Reporting, Best Documentary Winner in 2011, and Athletic Fire, Best General Entertainment Winner in 2012.

Tonbi (Black Kite) Producer Akihiko Ishimaru's comment: "This award confirms that our story, that follows a widowed father for 30 years as he clumsily yet honestly rears his son, touches on themes of love that are universally appreciated. I am extremely grateful for the contributions of all members of the cast and crew."