TBS and Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna conclude 10-year partnership agreement

October 09, 2013

On October 8 in Vienna, Austria, TBS and the Kunsthistorisches Museum ("Museum of Art History") concluded a 10-year partnership agreement.

Along with the Louvre in France and the Museo del Prado in Spain, the Kunsthistorisches Museum is considered to be one of the three greatest art museums of Europe. It contains some 760,000 works of art, including many treasures of the House of Hapsburg, which ruled Europe for over 600 years, starting in the 13th century. The museum possesses 12 paintings by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, the world's largest collection by the artist, including "The Tower of Babel" and "The Hunters in the Snow." The museum also possesses "The Art of Painting" by Johannes Vermeer and other works by Northern European painters, as well as "Madonna in the Meadow" by Raphael and other works by Italian and Spanish painters. Beyond its collection of 7,000 famous two-dimensional works, the museum has a famed Egyptian and Oriental Collection, a vast number of sculptures, and an extensive collection of coins and paper money from around the world. Over 1.35 million people visit the Kunsthistorisches Museum and associated facilities every year, about 10 percent of whom are Japanese citizens. The museum is considered by Japanese sightseers to be an essential cultural attraction that should be part of any tour of Vienna.

Under the partnership, TBS will support the conservation and restoration of the museum's artworks and buildings and help the museum further expand its collections. TBS will also create the museum's official Japanese website and guidebook and work toward expanding museum services to Japanese people overall. By making such cultural and social contributions over the long term, TBS seeks to introduce the world-class art of the Kunsthistorisches Museum to an even greater number of Japanese people.

TBS plans to hold three exhibitions of artworks from the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Japan over the next 10 years. The first will be the "Lucas Cranach" exhibition (provisional name), which TBS plans to hold at the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo and the National Museum of Art in Osaka, starting in 2016 and ending in 2017.