Ninja Warrior Mobile Game Released in the US! Based on US version of TBS mega hit program SASUKE

May 30, 2013

Ninja Warrior, the US version of the mega hit TBS sports entertainment program SASUKE now has its own mobile game! With a motif based on the original competition, the Ninja Warrior Game offers players the thrill of trying to overcome a range of virtual obstacle courses within set time limits, taking the excitement of SASUKE content into the world of gaming.

Developed by TBS and MarvelousAQL over the last two years and distributed for testing in Canada since April, the Ninja Warrior Game is now available for Android, iOS and the Kindle Fire Devices on the iTunes App Store, the Google Play Store and the Kindle Fire.

In this game based on the original Ninja Warrior TV series, players' challenger avatars can train to enhance their skills and power before taking on one daunting stage after another. As they progress they have a chance to acquire advanced sportswear and equipment, so players can enjoy customizing their avatars. There are 20 creatively twisted courses, including 4 Mt. Midoriyama bonus levels. The faster the player reaches the finish line, the more rewards they earn. Players can race on their own or compete online with other challengers records.

The US version of SASUKE was first broadcast Regularly in 2006 on the G4 national cable network (now known as the Esquire Network) and went on to record one ratings record after another, soon becoming one of the network's flagship programs. Since 2011, the spin off series American Ninja Warrior has been broadcast in prime time on NBC. Starting in July, the program's 5th season will go on the air on two national networks, soon after the release of the Ninja Warrior Game.

SASUKE content has been broadcast in 157 countries and territories including North America, Europe, Asia, the republics of the former Soviet Union, Africa, and the Middle East, reaching five continents. The Ninja Warrior Facebook page has attracted over 810,000 Likes.

TBS has engaged in development of games such as SPEC and BANDOL with leading Japanese game developers. This initiative is the company's first in smart phone game development and in the game markets of the US. Going forward, TBS will aim to generate synergy between its popular program content and game content worldwide, moving proactively to promote social game development as a new business venture.

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