OTTAVA Reaches One Million Registered Listeners!

January 24, 2012

On January 24th, the number of registered listeners for TBS Holdings' contemporary digital radio classical music station "OTTAVA" reached one million.

OTTAVA was launched in April 2007 not as a radio station for classical music fanatics, but as a new style of radio station that proposes a lifestyle surrounded by classical music. It is on air 24 hours a day for free on internet radio and it plays choruses and movements from long classical music numbers whilst introducing art, culture, literature, and films. We thus incorporated an innovative technique, creating a new broadcasting style of classical music.

Since its start in 2007, OTTAVA has taken part as an official radio station in Japan's biggest classical music event "La Folle Journée au Japon," and broadcast live in front of the public. In 2009, a streaming application for the iPhone was developed and in 2010, a function whereby listeners can see OTTAVA's investor relations information was added. The application has currently topped 50,000 downloads. Furthermore, after the Great East Japan Earthquake last year, OTTAVA introduced charity concerts in its daily programs and continued its disaster reconstruction assistance through classical music. This effort has led to the realization of a charity concert with Sendai's Philharmonic Orchestra which will be held on March 31st this year.

The number of registered listeners has topped one million which is approximately the number of classical music fans in Japan. This shows that OTTAVA's broadcasting style has achieved a measure of legitimacy as a classical music radio station. According to surveys conducted by OTTAVA, the most salient characteristic of OTTAVA listeners is that they tend to be high-income earners compared to general internet users. Many also tend to be more sensitive to art and culture. The fact that there is this particular niche within the one million listeners could be due to OTTAVA's unique broadcast style.

Listeners can listen to OTTAVA anywhere in the world through the internet. It has therefore received messages from many countries and regions. Last year, it even received one from the Antarctica, showing its rapid spread throughout the world. It can also be heard on many smart phones and tablets. OTTAVA is striving to expand to various digital devices and to become a new media that can think outside of the box.