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  • 115 min.
  • Japan Release:2012.04.07
  • Director:Yukihiko Tsutsumi
  • Cast:Erika Toda / Ryo Kase / Saki Fukuda / Chiaki Kuriyama / Takahiro Miura / Kippei Shiina / Raita Ryu
  • Screenplay:Yumie Nishiogi
  • Category: Mystery

Toma and Sebumi continue with their daily routine of ‘uncrimes’. One day Nitanai, the Police Department’s Superintendent General, visits their office with Fukutomi, Cabinet Press Officer. A cruiser has been found floating at sea, with everyone aboard mummified. The two then transform into two spec-holders, who announce that ‘this is a warning’, and leave.Toma and Sebumi set to work. A succession of spec-holders block their way, one of them being ‘that man’... They do battle with these opponents, confronting new mysteries in the manner of ‘the Third Secret of Fatima’ and ‘A Simple Plan’. A thought suddenly occurs to Toma. This will mean a big change in her relationship with Sebumi...

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