Content Sales

Photos by Aki Tanaka

Sales in our Program Sales and Cultural Events Business amounted to ¥129.562 billion, a 3.0% decrease from FY2010, and net operating profit amounted to ¥2.681 billion, a 55.9% decrease from FY2010. The reasons for the lower results include reduced consumption on the part of young people, which negatively impacted the mainstay clothing and cosmetic products of the Styling Life Group. In addition, profits reached a record high in the Theatrical Film Business in FY2010 and could not be equaled in FY2011.

The Peony Palivion  Tomohiro Akutsu
The Peony Palivion
Tomohiro Akutsu

A wide variety of cultural events thrilled audiences, including the musical Dream Girls performed by a touring company, Akasaka Grand Kabuki starring Nakamura Kanzaburo, The Peony Pavilion starring Bando Tamasaburo, the musical Phantom starring Takao Osawa, and PUNK OPERA A CLOCKWORK ORANGE starring Shun Oguri. Stage versions of Departures, based on a movie, and Tumbling and Coming Home, based on television shows, were also well received. Tetsuya Kumakawa’s K-Ballet Company was as popular as ever, performing The Sleeping Beauty, Coppélia, and Swan Lake. For the first time in seven years, the Eagles performed in Japan, giving fans a highly satisfying concert. Conducted by Tomomi Nishimoto, Romeo and Juliette was another successful event. The “Exhibit Commemorating the 120th Anniversary of the Death of Vincent Van Gogh” was attended by over a million people at the National Art Center, Tokyo, and in venues in Fukuoka and Nagoya. Other well-received exhibits and events included “The Great Land Mammals Exhibit,” “The Great Sea Mammals Exhibit,” “National Museum of Capodimonte Exhibit,” “The Geographer by Vermeer and Other Paintings from Holland and Flanders,” “Pola Museum of Art Collection Exhibit,” and the annual “Ultraman Festival.”

In our Media and Software Business, the theatrical film SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO (released December 2010) took in more than ¥4 billion at the box office, HANAMIZUKI~May your love bloom for a hundred years~ (released August 2010) took in ¥2.8 billion, and Lady Shogun and Her Men (released October 2010) took in ¥2.3 billion. Released on Blu-ray Disc, the anime K-ON!! became the first television series to sell 78,000 units and also became a highly popular theatrical film. Supported by other popular titles such as AMAGAMI SS, IS (Infinite Stratos), and Dream Eater Merry, our Anime Business continued to be successful in FY2011. On DVD, dramas like SPEC, The Wallflower, BLOODY MONDAY Season 2, and Legal Eagle, First Class logged healthy sales.

Ninja Warrior (U.S. version of SASUKE)
Ninja Warrior
(U.S. version of SASUKE)

Our International Program Sales Business has also been making steady progress. TBS has a more extensive record of participation than any other Japanese television station at MIPCOM, the TV program market held every year in Cannes, France. In 2010, TBS won the MIPCOM Buyers Award for Japanese Drama for the first season of JIN. For the second season, TBS received commitments to air the program in 80 countries around the world before it began airing in Japan in April 2011. The formats for Takeshi’s Castle and SASUKE have now been sold in more than 150 countries around the world. In the United States, SASUKE is known as Ninja Warrior and is shown in prime time on NBC, one of the Big Three television networks.

In Asia, TBS has been strategically involved in the production of the Korean drama IRIS since the planning stage and has secured the rights to present the program in Japan via a variety of media, including terrestrial broadcasts, satellite broadcasts, video on demand (VOD), DVD, and other media. TBS is also working proactively with television stations in Korea, Singapore, and China to sell TBS program formats and co-develop original programs.

In our Satellite-Based Subscription Broadcast Business, the TBS Channel and TBS News Bird continued to attract new subscribers based on increasingly strong content. VOD service TBS On Demand doubled its sales and turned a profit for the second consecutive year. As an industry first, TBS offered advance viewing of a terrestrial broadcast drama, demonstrating the multiplier effect that can be achieved when terrestrial broadcasting, satellite broadcasting, and VOD join forces.

K-ON!! Kakifly
Houbunsha/Sakura High Band

In our Licensing and Shopping Business, products based on the anime K-ON!! have proved extremely popular, with over 1,000 different items marketed. We also developed several successful tie-ins between TBS media and consumer products and retail experiences, including men’s cosmetics, foods products, and a pub. Thanks in part to a new order-taking system implemented in May 2010, sales have been strong for both regular and special shopping programs.

In our Digital Business, responding to the rapidly increasing use of smart phones and tablets, we have added a wide variety of applications and social media-friendly content to our mobile content portfolio. In FY2011, with a view to developing new business opportunities, we began using digital billboards, digital monitors in commuter trains, and other types of digital signage to present content and advertisements. In addition, after the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, satellite-based TBS News Bird presented emergency information via Ustream and YouTube in advance of other broadcasters. Going forward, TBS will continue to use digital media to provide crucial information when disaster strikes.

Linked with the TBS Group since July 2008, the Styling Life Group is focused on retail, catalog, and online shopping experiences. Responding to the tough business climate caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake and attendant power outages and ongoing brownouts, the Styling Life Group is currently restructuring with the goal of enhancing its profitability.