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Facilities and Equipment

CG on-screen text/graphics system
Small SNG vehicle
Memory card-type camera

TBS invested a total of ¥7.7 billion in facilities and equipment during FY2015.

Part of this was devoted to updating a core broadcasting system -- the large-scale, on-screen text/graphics system used to centrally control the text and graphics supplied to studio control rooms and editing booths. There are also plans to digitize the text/graphics creation request form, and implement functions for file-based systems in the near future.

Upgrades were likewise made to the small SNG outdoor broadcasting vehicles used for onsite production. These vehicles are frequently utilized for news programs, live broadcasts of baseball and various other sports, and outdoor filming for dramas.

To increase the safety and reliability of TBS’s broadcast facilities in times of emergency, the SNG main station antennas at the TBS Broadcasting Center were upgraded, as was UPS equipment at the Oyama FPU base station.

TBS continues to introduce memory card-type cameras and recorders, and implement a file-based system to improve workflow and increase efficiency.

The “satellite safety net” project, an attempt to use satellite re-transmission to cover areas with poor reception for digital terrestrial broadcasting, ended in March, but TBS will continue working with NHK and other commercial broadcasters on the maintenance and upgrading of its digital transmission sites to maintain a good reception environment in the greater Kanto area.