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TBS OnDemand


One of Japan’s Largest Pay Video on Demand Services

TBS On Demand offers about 9,000 episodes from a diverse range of approximately 1,400 TBS-owned titles. Our extensive lineup includes the newest hit dramas, programs aired over the past 60 years, movies, anime, and music shows. We also provide content for about 30 partner sites, giving us a presence in almost every major VOD business in Japan.



Free Catch-up Streaming Service

TBS FREE enables viewers to watch popular TBS programs they missed during the original broadcast for up to one week free of charge. The programs, which include advertisements, can be watched anywhere at any time on smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices.



Our Official Online News App

The TBS NEWS app for webcasts and smartphones provides news videos created around the clock by TBS network stations. It also features a push notification service that delivers breaking news, and can help save lives and property by streaming live informational broadcasts during natural disasters and other major incidents. In addition, our newscasters and specialist reporters use social media to explain the facts of news stories and what’s happening behind the scenes.



TBS a Partner in Video Streaming Service

Launched in October 2015 by TBS and four other Tokyo-based commercial networks (Nippon Television Network, TV Asahi, TV Tokyo, and Fuji Television Network), the TVer portal site and catch-up video streaming service has torn down the barrier between TV and online broadcasts. TVer has received numerous awards and is highly acclaimed for creating the potential for more content distribution in the future.


Let's Go, JETS!
From Small Town Girls to U.S. Champions?!
©2017 "Let's Go, JETS!" Film Partners

TBS also produces many movies for the silver screen.

More than 1.11 million moviegoers flocked to our March 2017 release Let’s Go, JETS! From Small Town Girls to U.S. Champions?!, an uplifting tear-jerker starring Suzu Hirose about a high school cheerleading squad that will also be broadcast as a serial drama in 2018. MUMON, a ninja action movie set in Japan’s Warring States period and starring Satoshi Ono, hit theaters in July and was also enthusiastically received, attracting an audience of about 1.90 million across a broad range of ages as of September. In August, TBS released JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE: DIAMOND IS UNBREAKABLE, a live-action version of the extremely popular manga series that has sold a total of 100 million copies. Starring Kento Yamazaki, the film quickly lived up to its hype, bringing a massive response from moviegoers.

The months ahead will also see a string of TBS movies in many genres, including dramas, topical films, and classic mysteries. In October, we will release My Teacher, followed in December by THE 8-YEAR ENGAGEMENT. January 2018 will bring When the Prayer Curtain Comes Down, the final installment in the Shinzanmono series, a serial drama that drew spectacular ratings in our Sunday evening slot for dramas in 2010 and has also been a top hit on the big screen.


Tomica Hyper Rescue DRIVEHEAD

In April 2017, the TBS network started broadcasting Tomica Hyper Rescue DRIVEHEAD, an anime based on the popular Tomica die-cast toy vehicles manufactured by TOMY Company, Ltd. for more than 40 years. Sales have been strong for toys related to this new anime, which centers on a group of elementary school students who pilot transforming emergency vehicles called “driveheads” to battle crime and respond to disasters. April also was the starting month for Kabukibu!, a late-night anime targeting young adults. The story of a first-year high school student who loves kabuki, Kabukibu! was the first anime program to ask kabuki company SHOCHIKU Co., Ltd. to supervise its production and realistically recreate the movements of this traditional Japanese performing art in anime form.

Events, Theater, and Exhibitions

imageBilly Elliot the Musical (Photo by TAKAYUKI ABE)

TBS produces various shows and cultural events that continue to enthrall audiences.
The TBS Akasaka ACT Theater has been the stage for a wide array of productions ranging from kabuki to original plays - over the summer, TBS produced a long-running Japanese-cast production of Billy Elliot the Musical, a show that won 10 Tony Awards in its original incarnation and became a global smash. Among other venues, the musical Singin’ in the Rain was a runaway success at the TOKYU THEATRE Orb. TBS set a new audience record for an overseas musical on that stage.
About 265,000 people visited Lascaux: The Cave Paintings of the Ice Age, an exhibition held at the National Museum of Nature and Science. At the National Art Center, Tokyo, we organized a full-scale retrospective of the career of Alberto Giacometti, one of the 20th century’s most important sculptors, and an extensive exhibition showcasing the work of world-renowned architect Tadao Ando. The Ando exhibition featured a full-scale replica of the Church of the Light, one of his signature designs.


©’13’17 SANRIO S/D·G

Anime Tomica Hyper Rescue DRIVEHEAD, which started in April 2017 and airs at 7 a.m. on Saturdays, has become hugely popular, and toys related to this program about special transforming emergency vehicles have been flying off the shelves, with some shops even selling out amid high demand.
A lazy egg named Gudetama, the star of a short animated segment that airs on the morning show Asa Chan!, has gained many fans smitten by the main character’s distinct lack of enthusiasm. In addition to being sold at TBS stores and through “ishop,” our official online shop, Gudetama goods have been selling well at special promotional events in department stores and supermarkets.
Aggressive Miss Retsuko, a red panda with a unique personality who stars in an anime aired on the infotainment show King’s Brunch, has even become recognized abroad after being widely reported by overseas media outlets.
TBS will keep rolling out characters that will be loved by everyone, from children to adults.

Real Estate Business

Akasaka Biz Tower

Net sales from our real estate business decreased by 1.8 percent from FY2016 to ¥15.202 billion, and operating income increased 2.7 percent to ¥7.736 billion.
Occupancy rates of offices and retail stores in Akasaka Biz Tower remained steadily high. akasaka Sacas will continue to solidify its position as a popular cultural and entertainment center by organizing events that help viewers feel an affinity for the TBS Group and TBS programs.