Anytime, anywhere, on any device - TBS actively provides content not just on the Internet, but also on the latest smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

TBS OnDemand


One of Japan’s Largest Pay Video on Demand Services

TBS On Demand offers about 8,000 episodes from a diverse range of about 1,400 TBS-owned titles. Our extensive lineup includes the newest hit dramas, programs aired over the past 60 years, movies, anime, and music shows. We also provide content for about 40 partner sites, giving us a presence in almost every major VOD business in Japan.



Free Catch-up Streaming Service Downloaded 2 Million Times

TBS FREE enables viewers to watch popular programs they missed during the original broadcast, for up to one week – free of charge. The programs, which include ads, can be watched anywhere at any time on smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices. This app had been downloaded over 2 million times as of June 2016.

TBS Newsi


Our Official Online News App

The TBS News i app was launched in July 2016 and provides news videos created around the clock by TBS network stations. It also has a push notification service, and delivers news that can save lives by streaming live broadcasts during natural disasters and other major incidents. In addition, our newscasters and specialist reporters use Twitter to explain important news stories in detail and what is going on behind the scenes.



TBS a Partner in Video Streaming Service

Launched in October 2015 by TBS and four other Tokyo-based commercial networks (Nippon Television Network, TV Asahi, TV Tokyo, and Fuji Television Network), this catch-up video streaming service has broken down the barrier between TV and online broadcasts, and received numerous awards for creating the potential for more content distribution in the future.


Flying Colors: How a Teen Girl Went from Academic Absurdity to an Elite University in One Amazing Year
©2015”Flying Colors”Film Partners

TBS is not just a prolific creator of acclaimed TV and radio programs. We also turn out many movies that are magnets for film buffs.

Flying Colors: How a Teen Girl Went from Academic Absurdity to an Elite University in One Amazing Year was a huge hit watched by 2.28 million moviegoers. It chalked up more than ¥2.8 billion in box-office sales, and the cast and crew won numerous awards. It also found success overseas as it became the first Japanese film (non-animated) released in China in five years.

LIBRARY WARS: THE LAST MISSION developed a loyal following especially among young people, and its box-office sales of ¥1.7 billion eclipsed the sales of its prequel. It successfully generated a large number of devoted fans, and clinched the top ranking in overall Blu-ray disc sales.

In May and June 2016, we released 64 (Six Four): Part 1 and 64 (Six Four): Part 2, two mystery films praised as masterpieces that will go down in Japanese movie history.



In April 2016, TBS started broadcasts of KAMIWAZA WANDA, our first anime program fully targeting a family audience in 13 years. Many viewers have been smitten by Wanda, a cute space dog that is the main character in this series.

TBS also has a fine reputation for producing late-night anime targeting young viewers. Among our popular programs are two that premiered in July 2016: Handa-kun, a series depicting the misadventures of a male high school student with an extremely negative mind-set, and This Art Club Has a Problem! We are confident viewers will also enjoy two series set to be launched in October – Kiss Him, Not Me, a romantic comedy about a girl who suddenly becomes popular among boys after she rapidly loses a lot of weight, and Girlish Number, whose main protagonist is a voice actor.

Events, Theater, and Exhibitions

New Year on ICE

TBS delivered and supported many shows and cultural events that left audiences spellbound.

We hosted two glittering events in Osaka in January - the MEDAL WINNERS OPEN, an invitational event sanctioned by the International Skating Union and featuring international medal-winning skaters, and New Year on ICE, a show starring some of the world’s best skaters.

About 270,000 people visited The Great Amazon Exhibition at the National Museum of Nature and Science from March to June 2015, while Vermeer and Rembrandt: The Masters of the 17th-Century Dutch Golden Age, held from January to March this year at the Mori Arts Center Gallery in Tokyo, drew around 200,000 visitors.

The enthralling productions at TBS’s Akasaka ACT Theater included TAKE FIVE in May, and No. 9 - Immortal Melodies - in October 2015. At other theaters, the world premiere of Harold Prince’s newest production, Prince of Broadway, created quite a buzz, as did the adaptation of Haruki Marukami’s Kafka on the Shore on its world tour.


©’13’16 SANRIO S/D·G

A lazy egg named Gudetama, the star of a short animated segment that airs on the morning show Asa Chan!, has become a hugely popular character. Gudetama’s distinct lack of enthusiasm has earned it many fans, and sales have been robust of a wide range of related goods. In addition to being sold at TBS stores and through “ishop,” our official online shop, these products have been flying off the shelves at special promotional events in department stores and supermarkets.

New additions to our lineup of popular characters include the protagonist of KAMIWAZA WANDA, a popular anime that started on TBS in April, and Aggressive Miss Retsuko, a red panda with a very unique personality who must deal with the stress of working in a company office. TBS will keep rolling out characters that will be loved by everyone from children to adults.

TBS Holdings subsidiary StylingLife Holdings Inc. operates Plazastyle Company, which directly manages 96 stores that provide excitement and fun through high-quality products and services.

Real Estate Business

Akasaka Biz Tower

Net sales from our real estate business increased by 1.3 percent from FY2015 to ¥15.479 billion, and operating income increased 5.2 percent to ¥7.532 billion.

Occupancy rates of offices and retail stores in Akasaka Biz Tower and those of Akasaka The Residence have all remained steady. akasaka Sacas will continue to solidify its position as a popular cultural and entertainment center by organizing events that bring viewers closer to the TBS Group and TBS programs.