The Saturday Tabloid Radio Tokyo - Featuring NITES
Hikaru Ijuin and Radio and...
Jane Su – Life is a Dance
Radio Festival 2015

TBS Radio continues to rule the airwaves of the Tokyo metropolitan area, where it has held the largest audience of any radio station for 15 years in a row..

OIn October 2015, we overhauled our Saturday lineup, including The Saturday Tabloid Radio Tokyo – Featuring Rokusuke Ei that Rokusuke Ei had hosted for 24 and a half years. The Saturday morning slot is now filled by The Saturday Tabloid Radio Tokyo – Featuring NITES. The reorganization of our schedule in April 2016 brought the curtain down on the weekday morning variety program Yuri Osawa had hosted for 30 years and the start of three new variety programs – Hikaru Ijuin and Radio and... from Mondays to Thursdays, Hayato Arima and Radio and Mami Yamase and... on Fridays, and Jane Su – Life is a Dance. TBS Radio’s lineup, including the new programs, has maintained strong ratings.

The launch of supplementary FM broadcasting (commonly called “Wide FM”) in December has enabled listeners even in areas of Tokyo with poor AM reception to hear TBS Radio clearly. The start of Wide FM by TBS Radio, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, and Nippon Broadcasting System generated considerable public interest in radio, which has lifted overall radio listenership in the Tokyo metropolitan area by about 20 percent.

In our radio-related business, TBS hosted Radio Festival 2015 at the akasaka Sacas entertainment and cultural center over two days in November 2015. Over 50,000 people thronged to this festival, which featured radio program-related events, food stalls, and sales booths.

Overall sales in FY2016 increased for the first time in 11 years. Spot sales were strong throughout the year, as major deals were concluded with regular sponsors. There also was solid demand for live commercials presented by TBS Radio personalities and long-form commercials. As a result, broadcasting revenue increased from the previous year.