Message from the President

Toshichika Ishihara
Shinji Takeda

For 65 years, the TBS Group has devoted itself to developing a diverse array of businesses, including TV programs and content, cultural events, real estate, and retail. At the heart of these operations is TBS Television.

The past year was another successful one for TBS, and exciting changes are on the way.

In FY2016, TBS’s average audience ratings during golden time (7 p.m. to 10 p.m.) and prime time (7 p.m. to 11 p.m.) topped those of the previous fiscal year. Serial programs including The Emperor’s Cook and Downtown Rocket performed well during our Sunday 9 p.m. drama slot and reinforced TBS’s reputation as a producer of superb dramas that captivate viewers.

Our satellite channel BS-TBS offered a solid lineup and remains devoted to producing programs that viewers can truly immerse themselves in.

TBS Radio likewise continues to receive strong support from our listeners.

Preparations are under way for the opening of STAGE AROUND TOKYO, a theater in which the audience seats swivel 360 degrees. Scheduled to open in Tokyo’s Toyosu district in spring 2017, this will be the second such theater in the world and the first in Asia.

The increasingly diverse use of mobile devices has led to expanded video distribution services. In response to this change, TBS and four other Tokyo-based commercial networks launched “TVer” in 2015, a free video streaming service with advertisements. TBS puts top priority on giving its viewers what they want.

The TBS Group strives to ensure that everything “From TBS” is the highest quality. We always have, and we always will.