Scholarship for Chinese Students Majoring in Media

Chinese students in training program at TBS
Visit to Toshodaiji

Eleven years have passed since TBS established the Scholarship and Training Program with the Communication University of China, a university boasting many successful alumni who work in the Chinese media industry. The program has three main pillars: scholarships for students, training at TBS in Japan, and seminars by TBS employees in China.

Since the program was launched in 2006, 133 students have received scholarships and 61 have been invited to undergo training in Japan. Twelve TBS employees have visited China to teach seminars at the university in Beijing.

The program puts particular emphasis on the training at TBS, where the students are given a tour of the production process and attend seminars by TBS employees. They also visit Toshodaiji, a historic temple founded by a Chinese monk in the city of Nara in 759 and the very root of Japan-China exchange. At the end of their training, the students make a short mock program from footage filmed during their stay. Through this training program, they learn the basics of reporting, broadcast technology, Japanese culture and history, and the media’s role in Japan. They also experience the importance of working as a team.

Graduates of this program are already playing active roles in Chinese society, with many establishing careers at television and radio stations, news services, information technology companies, and government organizations. Some have even started their own businesses. TBS strives to give these young minds an unfiltered look at Japan, and hopes they will devote themselves to enhancing bilateral friendship and understanding after returning to China.

DigiCon6 ASIA: Supporting Asia’s Young Creators

18th DigiCon6 Asia awards ceremony

In 2000, TBS launched a short film contest to spotlight young creators of digital content in Japan. This event was expanded in 2006 to include participants from other Asian countries and evolved into DigiCon6 ASIA, a unique annual contest that receives entries from 12 countries and territories, including Japan.

Every year, TBS invites the creators of each country or territory’s winning work to an award ceremony in Tokyo, where the attendees transcend linguistic and national borders and deepen their mutual understanding through visual media. These young creators, who showcase their skills and talent in clips less than 15 minutes long, help each other refine their techniques and will surely enrich the future of visual expression in Asia.

The ITU Association of Japan has acknowledged TBS’s efforts with DigiCon6 ASIA, now more than a decade old, with an “international cooperation” award in recognition of the event’s “important contributions to strengthening Asia’s creative voice.”

Corporate Social Responsibility

TBS uses green power on the sixth of every month
Seminar at a school by TBS staff

TBS leverages its strengths as a media company to contribute to the sustainable development of society through our broadcasting and other business activities. Our main corporate social responsibility activities in Japan are in three areas: the environment, education, and social contributions. We are also engaged in a variety of international initiatives, including our Scholarship and Training Program with the Communication University of China and our hosting of the DigiCon6 ASIA AWARDS, which recognizes young creators of digital content.

In our environmental CSR initiatives, TBS promotes reduced electricity use, the separation of different garbage types, and other eco-friendly activiti es in the workplace. TBS purchases “green power,” a certified form of sustainable energy, and uses it to power our broadcasting activities on the sixth day of every month - a date chosen to reflect our channel number, 6. TBS also exhibits at the EcoPro international exhibition on the environment and energy, Earth Day Tokyo, and other major environmental awareness events, and holds workshops geared mainly toward children that explore environmental issues.

Regarding education-related CSR, TBS provides guided tours to students from the upper elementary grades through high school. The students see firsthand how our news and entertainment programs are produced by touring studios, warehouses, and other facilities. Each year, TBS announcers and other employees visit about 40 different schools to hold interactive workshops, teaching children about program production and news broadcasting.

In the area of social CSR, TBS collects donations through our programs to assist relief and recovery efforts for the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and the Kumamoto Earthquake that struck in April 2016. As of July 2017, donations for the 2011 disaster had reached ¥2.051 billion, and those for the Kumamoto disaster totaled ¥120 million. We also launched a donation drive following torrential rain that devastated parts of northern Kyushu in July 2017. All money donated to these causes goes to the victims via the Japanese Red Cross Society.

TBS also contributes to Tokyo’s Akasaka district, where our broadcasting center is located. With the cooperation of local residents, TBS has raised honeybees in the roof garden of our building since 2011. Honey collected from the bees is served in local restaurants and the bee farm is open to local elementary and junior high schools for field trips.

TBS will continue to engage in a wide variety of CSR initiatives linked to broadcasting, so we can contribute to society in ways both big and small.