Message from the President

Toshichika Ishihara
TBS Holdings, Inc.
TBS Television, Inc.

As one of Japan’s premier media companies, the TBS Group has devoted itself to developing a diverse array of businesses, including TV programs and content, cultural events, real estate, and retail. At the heart of these operations is TBS Television, which has created countless hit drama, variety, and news programs, and played an important role as a torchbearer of Japan’s broadcasting culture.
Ever since the TBS Group was established 66 years ago, we have been proudly and tirelessly dedicated to providing the finest content to our viewers and listeners. In FY2017, our serial comedy-drama The Full-Time Wife Escapist, which depicted a marital relationship sealed through an employment contract, was hugely popular, especially among younger viewers. Our live broadcasts of thrilling matches featuring the “Samurai Japan” national team at the 2017 World Baseball Classic also attracted impressive ratings. Our broadcasting operations have reached a crucial juncture due to the rapid growth of the Internet. To enable TBS to adapt to these changing times, we established Premium Platform Japan, Inc. (PPJ), a new company that is the foundation for our full-fledged entry into the video streaming business. By adding PPJ to our existing terrestrial broadcasting, broadcast satellite, communication satellite, and radio channels, TBS is ideally placed to meet viewers’ needs even better than before.
TBS also is devoting more resources to operations that will inspire people around the world to dream big. We became a strategic media partner of ispace, inc., a company managing the operations of Japan’s sole participant in the Google Lunar XPRIZE international competition to place an exploratory robot on the moon’s surface. We are excited to participate in a project that will help carve out a new future, 48 years after Apollo 11 touched down on the moon.
We will ensure that everything “From TBS” links to a brighter future. The TBS Group will continue to take on new challenges and open up new horizons.